Where’s your logo, people?

To all the people with no logo: please get that logo of yours taken care of. This is your brand!

I can’t believe the number of sites that have plain text headers. I’m not talking about places that were put up last week. I’m talking about relatively mature sites that have been around for at least three months. If you’ve had your website for three months, I know 90% of you are about to fall off the face of the earth. That’s usually enough time for the non-serious people to give up, so I know they’ll never have a logo on those sites. But if you decide to move forward, then it’s time to step up!

If you ask most folks, nothing says newbie more than a text header. I’ve seen some pretty amazing sites that were essentially ruined by not having a unique and professional logo. You’ll lose your one chance to make that incredible first impression. Trust me, all the hard work you put into getting visitors is wasted when they swing by, leave, and never come back!

Although I’m not the most artistic person you’ve ever met, but I can hold my own when it comes to putting something creative together. And even I didn’t make my own. The problem is, many of us believe we’re pretty artistic even if we totally suck at it. Can we please set our egos aside?
Get a real artist!

Look, I get it, a logo is not an expense you want to bear up front. In fact, I have personally never actually paid for a logo. What have I done in the past? I’ve exchanged services for other services. In the past, I have provided sponsored posts, written guest articles, provided SEO advice, given ad space for a period of time, and even posted a few backlinks. The point is that you should take advantage of what you’re good at and leverage that.

And if you have nothing to offer other than cold, hard cash, go with my buddies over at LogoNerds. I just want you to get a logo. Everyone has access to an incredible logo for under $30. Seriously, $27? I’m not even sure how they make money.

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