Make Your Event Successful with Event WiFi of Trade Show Internet

If you love your venue yet nervous about your WiFi network, there is nothing you should worry about. Trade Show Internet offers WiFi solutions for lots of events. As a leader in the industry, it petitioned FCC to protect WiFi freedom of choice of consumers.
Trade Show Internet offers scalable solutions to meet WiFi needs of events. They rent plug and play hotspots for events with hundreds of attendees. If you’re planning a more significant event, Trade Show Internet may design and deploy custom high-density wireless networks. Its custom WiFi solutions are monitored and managed onsite by their team of experienced and skilled network engineers. If your event is very essential to risk WiFi failure, you can expect that the Trade Show Internet will do your best to serve you.

Things You Should Know Before You Consider Event WiFi

Trade Show Internet requires venue permission to install network infrastructure as well as WiFi gear. Majority of venue managers are very cooperative and simply need Certificate of Insurance that’s available upon request. But, if your event took place in a convention centre or hotel, you should negotiate the ability to bring in your very own internet or WiFi vendors before signing venue lease agreements.

If the venue is in-house and the AV provider is allowed to bid, Trade Show Internet recommends you to separate internet and AV bids. Through this, there’s no pricing penalty for choosing a service yet not the other. To reduce the costs, you must request a list of the associated venue charges in advance. Most of the fees are negotiable. If the rate list can’t be provided upfront, you must require your chosen venue to waive the associated fees including patch panel, labour supervision, drayage, gear storage, roof access, Ethernet drop, patch panel, port access, fibre cross-connect, electrical, and so much more.

If you want to get WiFi solutions for your events, check out to know more about its benefits.

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