Lost Your Favourite Photo Ou Video? Recover it

Favourite Photo Ou Video

You lost your favourite photo ou videos by mistaken deletions. Now what will you do or How to recover your deleted photo ou videos? Don’t worry! You can save or recover your all data safely and it is possible to recover deleted videos. First, let's learn some useful and effective tips that might help you get a successful deleted file recovery result. However, data loss can always happen unexpectedly. This article will show you how to recover lost data or deleted files recovery and how to save your valuable data from PC.

How to Find Lost Saved Files

If you lose vital reports, the home windows search tool helps you to discover it. The tool searches your system for all or part of a file's name. If you do not know the file's name, domestic windows permits you to look through record type. If you accidentally deleted a file, use the Windows recovery tool to recover it from a backup.

Windows Search Function

  • Click the Windows "Start" button. Click on the search field at the bottom of the window.
  • Type the exact name of the file in the search field, if you know it. Windows scans the computer for the file. If Windows finds the file it is displayed in the results pane.
  • Enter the file's type, such as .doc or .mp3, in the search field. Windows shows you all files of that type on your computer.

Restore Deleted Files from a Backup

  • Click the "Start" button. Click "Control Panel," "System Maintenance" and "Backup and Restore."
  • Click "Restore my files." Click "Browse for files" to search for individual files. Click "Browse for folders" if you want to search for an entire folder.
  • Click "Search." Type part or all of the file or folder's name. When Windows finds the file or folder, double-click it to restore it.

You can also follow these 3 step to find & recover your deleted data.

  • Check the Recycle Bin
  • Restore Deleted Files in Windows 10 from a File History backup
  • Restore lost files on Windows 10 using Restore previous versions
Actually, you don't need to be upset when you lost some of your irreplaceable pictures & videos! You can easily recover deleted photos with an efficient data recovery tool as long as the storage device on which they are stored has not been physically damaged. Then how to select the right tool? Professional photo and video recovery software - "Recoverit" Data Recovery Wizard is highly recommended for inexperienced users who never met with photo recovery troubles.

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