What Everybody Ought to Know About Affiliate Marketing

About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those techniques which can turn out to be very effective for your brand's promotional campaign, given your SEO game is already on point. But affiliate marketing is not only confined to brand promotion. It can also generate a high ROI if you plan and create the right approach for this technique. If you have right affiliate program your product’s sale can skyrocket in a few weeks.

What if you don’t have any product to sell but you want to generate a passive income with affiliate marketing? All you need to do is to produce unique content on a regular basis and then you can find someone who is looking to sell his product or services. Once you find that person/company, promote their products and make money with every sale you generate for that company.

However, to be a winner you must also have access to few essential tools and one of them is a quality lead tracker like LeadDyno. Using this tool, you will not only stay updated with your daily stats like the clicks, conversions, and the commissions in real-time, you can also connect with other affiliates and influencers from their wide network.

Today in this article, you will learn about the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and what skillsets to possess in order to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Let’s start with the definition.


Affiliate marketing is a process in which a person promotes someone else product and makes a commission (a share of profit) every time a product gets sold with his/her referral.

To be successful in affiliate marketing you should possess the following skillsets:

  • a) Content Creation: The best way by which a person can earn with affiliate marketing is by creating high-quality content (preferably written content). An affiliate marketer should know how to create a content which automatically generates a large viewership. A large number of people engaging with marketer’s content increases the chance of a sale.
  • In order to receive the desired traffic your content must be compelling enough in terms of matter. Product reviews, how-to articles, etc. are some of the most sought-after posts by the audience.
  • b) Email Marketing: An affiliate marketer should know how to build a targeted email list. As an email list is one of the biggest assets a marketer can ever have. A highly targeted email list can result in a higher conversion and higher conversion rate is the key to success for any affiliate program.
  • Offering free eBooks or subscriptions will make the reader sign up for it automatically providing you with their email address. Make sure that you don’t just blindly spam their inbox, but rather build a relationship with the viewers to get a positive response to your emails.
  • c) Art of selling without selling: The best way to sell any product or service is by not delivering a sales pitch in front of the potential buyers. It can turn them off which ultimately is not good for the business. Instead one should provide a lot of value to the audience. A marketer should always try to create a content which is helpful for the audience. And in the process, he can suggest the affiliate product. The suggested product or service itself should be a helpful resource for the readers.
  • While recommending a product or service to the reader, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons, and offer a transparent and balanced opinion to them. Make sure that you have tried out the product first and accordingly place yourself in the customer’s shoes. This will add value to your post. At the end of your post they should be able to take a clear decision based on your review or recommendation.
  • d) Well versed in affiliate marketing software: For a successful affiliate marketing campaign, a marketer should choose a good affiliate marketing software. He also needs to master it for the maximum result. When it comes to affiliate marketing management system LeadDyno is one of the best in its category. It is very easy to sign-up and the best part about this tool is that it can be integrated with almost all payment platforms. Such as PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. It also comes with a powerful mobile app dashboard.
  • e) Selection of the right kind of affiliate programs: To maximize profit a marketer must be able to choose the most suitable affiliate program for the product. There are many affiliate programs out there, but for beginners there are a few selected that we feel can give the right start to your affiliate marketing aspirations.

Below is the list of some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners:

  • 1) Amazon AssociatesAmazon associate has a large variety of products to promote. As Amazon is a big brand name, there is a trust factor attached to its affiliate program.
  • 2) ClickBank: It’s one of the leading beginner friendly affiliate program and perhaps the most popular. You can start promoting products even if you don’t have your own website. Bonus – the sign up and approval process is just a cake-walk.
  • 3) eBay: Like Amazon Associates, eBay also brings a trustworthy affiliate program for marketers. It has thousands of products which you can promote easily.
  • 4) Commission Junction: It’s very similar to ClickBank. It’s an advertising platform which works in partnership with suppliers who belong to big brands. There is no dealing with the individual companies, so basically, they work like intermediaries. While they have higher requirements for joining, affiliate marketers can make it real big if they are serious with their ambitions.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, you need a discipline to achieve success. However, if you are starting with affiliate marketing, you need to be a bit more focused on your endeavours. Find the audience, understand what they are looking for, create content accordingly, sign up with one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, and promote with full intensity. With an honest and hard-working approach, you are bound to make it big in affiliate marketing, very soon.