Offset Continuous Sitting with This active lifestyle

active lifestyle

The benefits of leading an active lifestyle cannot be promoted enough. It is advised that one incorporates some form of light exercise into their daily activities or just a few minutes devoted to walking or jogging. 

This is to promote and maintain excellent heart health, an ignored yet fundamental matter. A sedentary lifestyle promotes the opposite, and that's why spending a great deal of time seated could be dangerous for your heart and increases your risk of diabetes, poor skeletal health, and other related diseases.

Today, there are a great number of individuals whose work prompts them to be seated at a desk for hours a day, and they may be at risk of suffering these conditions. Even if you decide to binge-watch a couple of seasons of your favorite show, you might be at risk of the effects of being seated for hours. 

Fortunately, research has shown that you can counteract the adverse effects associated with sitting and possibly undo the damage that it has already caused. It is as simple as taking short, regular walking breaks. This does a great deal for your physical and mental health.

The Research

A study published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise found that when people sat continuously for three hours, the arteries in their legs were affected. The lack of movement inhibited the ability of the lining of the arteries in the legs to expand and contract in response to the flow of blood. This is a precursor to cardiac complications.

Fortunately, when the sitting was broken up with a 5-minute break after every hour, their arteries were not negatively affected. This short break is crucial as it protects the arterial function from the negative effects of uninterrupted sitting. The blood vessels can maintain normal response to blood flow and risks of life-threatening conditions such as diabetes are reduced.

Getting Started

It is effortless to replicate this in any setting. Consider including performance boosters or any other supplements available on the Steroids Evolution website. If you are a student working on various projects and are going to be seated for long hours behind a desk, set a reminder on your phone or computer every hour to take a walk for 5 minutes.

Being inactive for long periods throughout the day is linked to several chronic diseases and can affect individuals who accomplish about 150 minutes of physical activity a day. This highlights the importance of breaking up long periods of sitting. 

It keeps you very healthy and also reduces mental fatigue, consequently improving concentration and overall work output.If you are in an office and do not have the liberty of taking breaks frequently, you should consider other means of making sure that you keep your blood moving and that your muscles are in good shape. 


A healthy body is a happy body. It is easy to move around and do regular day-to-day activities with a healthy body. A five-minute walk each hour away from your seat ensures immediate and long-term health benefits. It can improve your heart health, mood, and stamina. It is important to stay active since the benefits are far-reaching with the greatest being a better quality of life.

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