How to send a please call and Check Balance on Telkom Mobile

send a please call and Check Balance
How to send a? Please call me on Telkom Mobile South Africa? In this article, you will learn more about Telkom; please contact me and learn how to send a Telkom call-back SMS for free. The Telkom, please call me back USSD code is *140*Number#. Read on to find out about how to send a callback on Telkom.

What Is A "Telkom Please Call Me?

Telkom Mobile, please call me, is a free message that someone sends from their phone to someone else using a USSD code requesting them to call back. To send a, please call me; a person must dial the Telkom call back number (*140*Receiver's Number#) and press enter. The sender can also edit or personalize the "Please Call Me" to have a specific name or characters. "Please call me Telkom" has a limited number of characters users can write.

How to send a, please call me on Telkom Mobile.

Here's how to send a. Please call me on Telkom. Like other South African networks, sending a "Please Call Me" on Telkom Mobile is simple. Dial *140*, add the person's number, press #, and hit Send. Once you've pressed send, you will receive a message saying, "Please Call Me has successfully been sent." The Telkom call-back code is 140.

You can only send up to 5 "Please Call Me's" on Telkom Mobile when dialing *140#, and you will see a few USSD menu options, including editing a personalized name and blocking or unblocking the "Please Call Me" service.

Do you know how to check the Balance on Telkom South Africa? There are many ways to do a Telkom Mobile balance check from your phone or smart device. This article will teach how to check the Balance on Telkom mobile.

How to Check Balance on Telkom

There are multiple ways to do a Telkom balance check, and they are:

1. Check Telkom Balance Using USSD Code

The Telkom balance checks USSD code is *188#. Dial this code on your mobile device and press "send." Your airtime balance will be displayed on your screen. This is one of the popular ways to perform a Telkom balance check.

2. My Telkom Mobile App

You can also check your balance using the My Telkom Mobile App. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Download it from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the My Telkom app, register for an account. Log in to the app and view your balance.

3. Through My Telkom Web Portal

You can also check Telkom's Balance by logging into If you don't have an account, simply register for an account. Once you have registered for a Telkom account, you can log into your account to view that specific balance.

4. The 1VR Menu

Another way to check the Balance on Telkom is by using IVR. Use your phone and dial 188, and follow the voice menu option.

5. Check Balance SMS

Check the balance by sending a blank SMS to 188. You will receive the credit as an SMS.

How to Check Telkom Number

To check your mobile number, Dial – *1#. Your phone number will be displayed on your screen.

You shouldn't have a problem checking your balance because you now know how to check your Balance on Telkom mobile. You can also watch the below video to learn how to check the data balance on Telkom Modern.

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