8 Steps to Become a Successful Video Blog and Make Money

Have you noticed one of the new trends on the internet recently? You would find that blogging isn’t a new thing anymore, but that video blogging system seems to be trending a lot these days. This is no wonder many folks are taking to video blogging and smiling to the banks regularly.
Starting a Video blog is not entirely different from the process involved in starting a normal reader’s blog. Although there are little intricacies and requirements, over and above it isn’t a herculean task to engage in. It is a simple ‘do it yourself’ process.
Video blogging is obviously not cheap compared to other forms of blogging, but it is proven to be one of the easiest ways for you to learn how to do things on your own from the comfort of your rooms. The ‘How to Videos’ has become a good substitute to attending a normal class where you are taught, especially when it involves processes that one can easily learn. Processes like: how to make cake, how to use CorelDraw, How to cook, how to install electronic gadgets, how to use a sewing machine and even how to service your generator.
If you fancy video blogging, you might want to take a cue from these simple steps on how to start a video blog without hassle. Make these steps yours and you would be on your way to owning a video blog.

How to Start a Successful Video Blog and Make Money

1. Define Your Audience-: No one goes into any business venture or undertake any project without first identifying the people that the product would serve. There are countless numbers of defined targets out there whose need vary. So starting your video blog means that you must know who your target audience is and how to meet their needs. Your target audience could be lovers of Sports, Fashion, History, Business, Documentary or any other line of interest. Just be sure you know what they want and be willing to give it to them.
2. Choose Your Niche-: It is good to sometimes generalize, but the fact still remains that to be highly effective you must be seen as a specialist. So if you are going into video blogging, you need to get it straight from the outset. Be sure to choose a field, and as much as lies within you stick to it. Consistency means people will see you as an expert and would want to seek your advice. For instance, you don’t want to start a video blog on fashion and when people visit your site; they hardly see any video that is about fashion but rather sports or business.
3. Choose a Web Platform to host your blog-: There are avalanches of web platforms that host video blog. You can access them easily when you do your research thoroughly. There are platforms such as You;Tube, TubeMogul, Viddler, Vimeo, blip.tv,amongst others. These platforms to a large extent could help you spread your video to the internet community. Once your videos generate lots of traffic, you can be sure progress is in sight.
4. Get the necessary Equipments Needed-: Video as the name indicates means that you might need some equipment. You would need some basic equipment like a Video camera or camcorder, Microphone, Tripod, SD Cards, Computer and Lighting. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get started; you can get started on a low budget equipment and upgrade when convenient. Remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’
5. Create Your Own Mini Studio-: Should you be blogging on “how to” videos, or in areas that will require you to always appear on the video, then you might have to invest in a mini studio. You don’t need to build a studio that is like a CNN studio or any big media house. All you need do is just to dedicate a portion of your house or office and give it the right painting or background. You might also want to get a comfortable table and chair and then ensure that the lighting is properly done.
6. Get the Best Lighting and Ambience-: Lighting is one key factor that goes a long way in determining the quality of your video. You do not want to have videos on your blog that are dark and aren’t appealing.
Therefore getting the best lightings will go a long way in giving you a professional result. In addition, the ambience of where you chose to shoot your video matters a lot. Since you intend to educate people via your video, it will be nice to eliminate every form of distractions and noise. Ensure you do all you can to produce a video with good audio output
7. Get the Right and Effective Video Editing Software-: Excellence must be your watch word in the business of video blogging. To ensure quality production, you must choose the right video editor (software) and pay attention to details.
If you know you don’t have the skills to do this, it won’t cost you much to contact a professional to help you with your video editing. Depending on your bargaining power, you would be surprised that the services of a video editor doesn’t cost so much. You could get your video edited at a cheap rate. Also be sure to use catchy captions, so that viewers would be attracted and compelled to see the video. You might also want to always tag your videos where necessary.
8. Will these steps get you on the right footing, you might ask?
These are the simple and basic steps that you must take to start your video blogging. Big and successful video blogs like the likes of ‘Youtube’ which have stood the test of time know that the key to achieving more and high is to start small and grow fast. Therefore, you too must be ready to start off on a small scale as a newbie in order to grow fast and smart with loads of traffic on your blog in the near future.

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