13 Steps To Become a Dog Breeding Business from Home

Dog Breeding Business

There is no market boundary dog breeding business. So whether you reside in the United States, U.K, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, India, South Africa, etc., you can do this business even from your home. Another positive fact about this business is that you can tap into the global market by putting your business on the web and exporting it to the countries of your customers based on demand.

So now that you have seen the potentials of starting a dog breeding business, below are the exact steps to starting your own dog breeding business from home.

Starting Breeding Dogs from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

Step 1. Are you really prepared to breed dogs for profit?

Yes, I believe this is the first question you should ask yourself. One of the reasons this question is important is because you are dealing with an animal for a business, which can prove quite challenging in the beginning. It's very important to search "dog breeding near me" to know how local existing business are doing. To be able to offer new services they don't offer.

In fact, if you don’t love dogs, this business might prove a challenge to you, and if perhaps you love dogs so much, then you might also find it challenging to sell your dogs because of the emotional bond between you and the dogs. I think I am talking from personal experience here.

Also, you should note that dogs have that ‘scent’-which should be okay with you. And since you have decided to breed them, then you should be willing to handle the mating and birthing of your dogs, which can be ‘cumbersome and somewhat irritating’ if you really know what I mean.

In general, if you do not mind your dog sleeping by your side in bed and you will not have a problem with the licking all over your faces, then you will be okay at the very least.

Step 2. Decide what type of dogs you want to breed

Dogs have a wide variety of roles, duties, and significance to man. I doubt if you will be able to satisfy all the niches within the dog business. Now you can either choose to breed pet dogs or security dogs; the choice is absolutely yours. But you must bear in mind that the way pet dogs are handled and trained is quite different from the way security dogs are trained. Also, the type of dogs you breed should be determined by your environment and market demand.

Step 3. Note the requirements to start a dog breeding business

The third step to starting a dog breeding business is to find out if there are certain restrictions, rules, or laws covering dogs within your environment or region. Now, if the law says you are free to breed or own dogs, you will also need to ascertain if it is possible to breed dogs in your neighborhood. This is important to avoid getting sued by your neighbors for breach of peace and for constituting public nuisance.

Step 4. Research and Study

Now, this is where the pain of this business starts. To succeed as a dog breeder, it is very much important that you have the knowledge of different breeds of dogs, their genetics, history, characters, pedigrees, and temperament.

Moreover, you should also be told about the proper health care, mating, and breeding techniques of dogs. These are so many resources that are out there, especially on the web, but the real question is: will you be patient and committed enough to learn?

Now assuming that all the steps listed above have been followed judiciously, that brings us to the central question of the day: how will you start the business? Technically, the first thing you should do is to take the decision of the specific breed that you want to concentrate on. Once you have decided that, you can then proceed to the next step.

Step 5. Research the market for chosen breed

So get started, you need to study the demand for that breed. How much is it in the market? Who is purchasing them? How popular and influential is it compared to other kinds? Etc. Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? How resistant are your breeds to diseases and climate conditions in your area? Can your chosen race be sourced locally, or would you have to import them? These are examples of some of the questions you must find answers to.

Step 6. Compute your finances

The next step is to have your finances prepared. Get enough capital not only for buying one or two dogs but, most fundamentally, a budget for dog food, veterinary care, vaccines, etc. Also, consider the expenses that you will encounter during the registration of your dog, your business name, and marketing.

What could be your potential income from breeding dogs? Now it is difficult to give specific amounts, but you can do some moderate projections and estimates. When you sell puppies, you can recover your expenses of buying and caring with three or four puppies, but this estimate is based on the breed. If you have a rare color or a champion breed, selling one or two puppies can fetch you good profits.

You can also earn additional income through the provision of study services. In fact, the expense of caring for your male dog can be up holed by this. If your dog has an excellent record of successful mating, more dog owners will like to have your dog copulate with theirs, and you can earn constant dividends from it. This is why writing a business plan is very important, even if it is a one-page plan. So that you can prepare adequately for the unexpected.

Step 7. Create space in your home for your pups

Based on the breed you would be buying, you should be able to create space to accommodate at least two dogs at the beginning and, if possible, a space for a puppy nursery. You must also make plans ahead because your puppies are definitely going to grow into full-fledged dogs.

Step 8. Build / Acquire a Comfortable Kennel

If you intend going into dog breeding, then you must make provision for comfortable kennels to accommodate your dogs. What is the use of breeding dogs and allowing them to be left in the open? If you know that you don’t have provisions to accommodate puppies and dogs, then there is no point going into dog breeding.

Step 9. Purchase your dogs

Finally, you can then proceed to purchase the dogs, if you do not have any already. Most of those who explore the business of dog breeding usually begin with their own pets.

Step 10. Cover yourself legally

If you are just beginning in business as a dog breeder, then you can easily do it as a freelance endeavor. But when your kennel begins to grow after some time, it will be a plus if you can get it registered as a business. However, from the very beginning, you should have and adequately file the veterinary records of your dogs, especially the shots it already had. And most fundamentally, get your dog’s registration papers details. If a dog has no paper yet, or if it gets lost – then its selling value will significantly decrease.

Step 11. Establish Relationship with Veterinarians

As a beginner who wants to go into dog breeding, it is to your advantage to establish a relationship with veterinarians. The truth is that if you have a good relationship with veterinarians around you, you can quickly get valuable advice on how to breed and take care of your dogs for free.

Step 12. Be Psychologically, Emotionally and Financially Prepared

It is also important to be psychologically, emotionally, and financially prepared before going into dog breeding. This is important because as simple as it sounds, some people can fall into depression if they lose their dog to accident or sickness et al. You also need to be financially prepared to handle dog breeding because you are sure going to spend money in taking care of the dogs.

Step 13. Network with Dog Breeders in Your Community

Networking with dog breeders in your community is another tip to consider as a beginner who wants to go into dog breeding. When you network with dog breeders in your community, you will be able to gain from their experiences, and perhaps you might receive moral support from them as well.

In conclusion, I want you to know that there are a lot of dog breeders and lovers out there that are breeding dogs just for fun and for the love of it. You can make friends with them to learn from them. Most of them who are into the business are good in terms of giving out dog breeding steps freely.

Another good rule of thumb in the dog breeding business is to join dog clubs and attend dog shows/events. This way, you will learn more about the dog industry and network with other successful dog owners. As a final note, I want you to know that the dog breeding business is fun or hobby-business. It can be stressful at times, but all the same, dog rearing can be financially and emotionally rewarding.

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