6 Steps To Become a Dog Kennel Making Business

Starting a Dog Kennel Making Business – Sample Business Plan Template


Step 1. Learn the Required Carpentry and Construction Skills
Venturing into the dog kennel making business requires skills like carpentry and construction skills. You can learn these skills as an apprentice in a well established carpentry shop or get enrolled in skill acquisition cum technical schools where you can learn the skills.
Usually it takes a minimum of 2 years to get a diploma in carpentry and a minimum of 3 years experience to setup your own dog kennel making business if you don’t want to engage in trial and errors. Much more than learning carpentry and construction skills, you will also learn dog kennel marketing skills and pricing.
Step 2. Register Your Business
Building a business brand that lasts is not a day’s job; it is an accumulation of business decisions and actions. One of the actions that you are expected to take if you want to build a brand around your dog kennel making business is to give the business a name and get it register with the corporate affairs commissions of your country. It is important to state that the name you choose for your business will first undergo the mandatory name screening (search) to be sure no one else is already using the name.
Step 3. Choose a Good Location for Your Business
The Dog kennel making business is indeed a profitable business however; it might not thrive in all locations. People would only need dog kennel when they own at least a dog or they have the intention of acquiring a dog. It won’t be out of place for you to conduct a survey to know if people in the area you intend citing your business own pets and if they can afford dog kennel for their dogs.
If you take your time to study the purchasing pattern of the residence in the location you want to locate your business, you will have a clue of how well your business will fare. When you are choosing a location for your business dog kennel making business, you also consider a location (facility) that is large enough to contain both your workshop and your showroom and also close to a major road where people can easily see your displayed dog kennels.
Step 4. Purchase the Required Tools
In starting a dog kennel making business just like any other carpentry cum construction business, you would need hammers, tape measure, utility knife, tin snips, nail puller, speed square, levels, wood chisel, circular saw, drill, reciprocating saw, extension cords, air compressor, nail gins ( for framing and decking), air hoses, compound miter saw, table saw and nail gun (exterior finish nailer). These tools are affordable and you can save up to purchase all of them without loaning money from the bank or from friends.
Step 5. Construct Different Designs of Kennel and Display Them for Sales
Most likely if you are just starting out in dog kennel business, your first dog kennel construction may be as a result of someone who saw you work being displayed. In order to attract clients, ensure that you construct different designs with attractive colors and you will be amazed that passer by will pop in to make enquires even if they don’t own any dog yet.
Step 6. Market Your Kennels
The market for dog kennels is unrestricted; you can travel from one city to another helping dog owners construct kennels (dog house) for their dogs. You can as well list your business in the yellow pages of your city; open an official website and also network with dog owners, pet shop owners and veterinary association in your city. If you have the right contact and the right network in place and you are good at what you do, marketing your dog kennels will be less stressful.
There you have it; tips that will guide you in starting your own dog kennel making business from the scratch and then build it to profitability with a reasonable time frame.

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