3 Steps To Become a Background Check Company

Why You Need to Start a Background Check Business

  • It is a very Lucrative Business-: As I mentioned above, there is a high demand for the services of a background check firm as long as people and organizations continue to recruit new intakes, making the business a lucrative venture.
  • No Special Skill Is Required-: You don’t need to have a special skill or a college degree to start a background check firm; as long as you can carry out an extensive research and compile a detailed information on each individual you are assigned to carry out a background check on, then you have what it takes to run the business.
  • Not Capital Intensive-: Starting a background check business is not capital intensive, because you don’t need to purchase expensive machineries and equipments to run the business. On the aspect of labour, you can get few employees to run the business with you.

Starting a Background Check Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Create a Niche for Yourself-: I have listed some of the services offered by a background check firm; you can choose to focus on just few of the services especially if you are just starting out. For instance, you can choose to focus on credit card and license verification; you can incorporate other niches as time goes on. After you make a choice of niche to build on, you need to get all the required information on the process or how to acquire important details about a person.
2. Register Your Business as a Company-: Since you are going to be working with corporate organizations both big and small, you need to incorporate your business as a legal body because it may be difficult for you to get clients to use your services if they know you are running the business as a private individual, not a corporate firm. While registering your company, remember to get all the necessary licenses that will allow you run a background check business; each State has different terms for issuing out such licenses, make an inquiry of the requirement for the State you are planning to run your business and get the license. Or better still, you can use the services of a lawyer to fasten up the process.
3. Get an Office Space-: After the incorporation as a legal body, you have to get an office space; if you are starting out on a tight budget, you can run the business from home; that will mean that all official appointments for projects will be held in your client’s office space or in a public place like a coffee shop or a restaurant.
At this stage, everything is ready for your firm to start business, but you need clients to get started; the next section of this article will talk about different ways to advertise your business to get your first set of clients, and how to increase your client base with time;
  • Send Out Proposals-: The recruitment or employment process in a company is handled by the Human Resource (HR) department; the HR department is in charge of sending out job notices, interviews, background checks and final employment. You can send out proposals to the HR department of all the major firms and organisations in your city or State; stating that your firm will make their recruitment process easier by helping the company carry out a thorough background check on any intended employee.
  • Word Of Mouth Advert-: You can spread the word around to your friends and acquaintances that you run a background check business. You can offer them an incentive for every client they refer to your firm. This method will work well for individual clients looking for nannies or babysitter for their kids. Sharing a complimentary card also falls under this category.
  • Create an Online Presence-: You need to create an online presence for your firm, the site need to contain explicit details of the services your firm offers, contact information including email address and phone number. If possible, an online customer service is needed on the site to attend to questions of website visitors. Then you should have a price package for each services you offer because corporate organizations or private individuals who are looking for a good background check firms in your location may decide to look up the internet to find and good firm close to them; the search engine will direct them to your site.
In conclusion, this article has covered all you need to start out a background check business, and ways to advertise your business. Finally, if you are going to venture into credit card checking, you need to get a credit reporting Act or license to protect your firm while doing credit card check.

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