7 Steps To Become an Indoor Shooting Range Company

Starting an Indoor Shooting Range Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research the Firearm and Shooting Range Industry
You stand to gain useful information when you take the pain to research the industry you want to start a business in. The truth is that the firearm industry cum shooting range industry is one industry that is highly regulated due to the potential danger that can emanate from the industry. Researching the industry helps you to discover all you would need and what you must put in place to be able to start your own indoor shooting range. As a matter of fact, a good research will enable you to start your business on a solid and workable platform.
2. Write Your Business Plan
The next step you need to follow is to write your business plan. Once you are able to conduct a good research on the firearms and shooting range industry, it will help you in drafting a good business plan that will sure pass any reality test. Part of what you need to capture in your business plan are; how to raise startup capital, strategies on how to manage and expand your business, your record keeping model, and any other factor that will help you to effectively grow your indoor shooting range.
3. Raise Your Startup Capital
No doubt starting an indoor shooting range can be said to be capital intensive simply because of the money required to purchase different types of firearms, insurance covers, money to lease or buy a facility, money required to obtain firearm license and permits, money required to maintain the indoor shooting range facility and money required to pay your instructors.
The truth is that there are various ways you can raise startup capital for your business. You can look for opportunities to pitch your business idea to angel investors, you can approach the bank to apply for loans, and you can as well raise money from your family members and your friends.
4. Incorporate Your Business
It is mandatory that you incorporate your indoor shooting range before you apply for the necessary firearms license and permits. As a matter of fact, you can’t be allowed to operate this type of business without registering the business with the government of your country. Once you register your shooting range business, you can then apply for your Tax Payer’s ID from the federal government and register with the association in charge of firearms and shooting range business in your country.
5. Acquire the Required License and Permits
Once you have scaled through with the registration of your indoor shooting range business, then you should approach the organization regulating the firearms industry to apply for a license. You would need Federal Firearms License to be able to buy firearms, sell firearms and operate a shooting range in the US.
The truth is that you will be subjected to screenings from all arms of the government i.e. The Federal Government, The State Government and The Local Government. If you have been indicated in any gun related or criminal crime in time past, you will be denied a license and permit to operate an indoor shooting range business. In addition to that, your indoor shooting range facility will be inspected from time to time to ensure that you are complying with the rules and regulation governing the industry.
6. Lease or Buy a Facility
Before Leasing or buying a facility for your indoor shooting range, it is important that you contact your local government to know about the zoning laws for shooting range facility; the truth is that there are restrictions on where you can operate a shooting range in the US. As a matter of fact, if you contract an experienced real estate agent to help you search for a facility for your indoor shooting range business he or she will likely know about the zoning laws and you will be well guided.
7. Open Your Indoor Shooting Range
The last thing to do is to open your indoor shooting range for business. If you want to attract more customers to your shooting range facility, then you should also include the sales of firearms, ammunition and safety gadgets in your indoor shooting range facility.
There you have it; the 7 surefire steps to follow to be able to start your own indoor shooting range business.

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