6 Steps To Become a Corporate Wellness Program

You can key into the industry and build a top niche company for yourself. Despite the stiff competition, it is easy to break into the market and make your business name known; it all depends on your packaging, marketing and business skills and results.
As a corporate wellness program owner, you introduce and maintain fitness programs for employees of an organization as long as the contract lasts. It is also possible to work with several organizations at the same time, as long as you can management your time well.
This article will cover issues like, difference between corporate fitness program and commercial fitness company and also how to start your own corporate wellness program.

3 Difference between Corporate and Commercial Fitness Programs

  • Clients-: As a corporate fitness and wellness business owner, your main clients will be organizations and companies, and you will work with the company’s employees. While for commercial fitness programs, your clients will be private individuals from all walks of life.
  • Age Bracket-: The next difference between the two programs are the age bracket of your clients. In corporate fitness programs, the age bracket you will likely get is between the ages of 25 to 55 years of age; that is the normal corporate employee’s age bracket. While for commercial fitness programs, you clients can be of any age; even teenagers and retired persons.
  • Organization-: For the corporate fitness and wellness niche, you take fitness program to the people; and this will involve sending proposals and presentations for corporate organizations to convince them to use your fitness program. While for commercial fitness programs, the clients come to you; they visit your fitness and gym centre to register for their fitness program.

Starting a Corporate Wellness Program – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Go for Professional Health and Fitness Training-: As a corporate wellness program specialist, you will be working with top corporate organizations and companies and in order to offer them the best health and fitness services. You need to get yourself updated and one way to do so is to go for professional health. There are some schools that offer professional fitness training, you can register with any of them and get trained. You can key in some business management program while undergoing the training; business insights are a most in order to succeed in the line of business.
2. Develop a Business Plan-: The next step is to develop a business plan. What will your corporate fitness program and business look like? Who will be your major clients? How do you intend raising your capital? Are there structures you need to put in place to run the business like fitness centres? How many corporate organizations will you want to work with at the same time? Answers to these questions will give you a head way to writing your business plan. Your business goals for the next few years should be included in your business plan.
3. Register Your Company-: After writing a business plan, you need to register your business to enable you operate as a corporate organization. Also get a TIN for your business. A corporate lawyer can help you hasten up the whole process if you have the extra cash to engage the services of a Lawyer.
4. Develop Your Fitness Packages-: This aspect should be included in your business plan. Map out different fitness packages to give organizations the option to select from various options. For instance, you can have a starter pack that will include just basic fitness and wellness activities and health talks once in a month.
5. Take Your Services to Corporate Organizations-: While differentiating between Corporate and Commercial fitness programs, I mentioned that in corporate fitness and well being programs, you take the fitness to corporate organizations and not the other way round; so at this stage, it is time to take your fitness program to Organizations in your City. This process will involve getting a list of all the Corporate Organizations in your area and sending a proposal to the Human Resource (HR) department of these organizations.
Your proposal should be as specific as possible in mentioning the health and fitness packages that are available, and how the Organization will benefit from using your corporate wellness program. If your proposal is accepted, you may be required to make a presentation to the top executives of the Organization of your fitness wellness program.

6. Tips to Make an Excellent Business Proposal Presentation

  • Preparation-: The Human Resource department in the Organization will always notify you well ahead of time that your proposal has been accepted and pick a date with you for the presentation. Ensure that you pick a date that will give you time to make much preparation for your presentation. You will most likely need to know how to put together a video presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint or similar video packages.
  • Dressing-: Your dressing will speak volume about you; so you need to dress formally to the presentation. For a male, a white shirt, black suit, black tie and a shiny black shoe should do. While for ladies, a blue or white shirt and a suit is okay. If you are to make the presentation with other people, ensure that all of them are formally dressed too.
  • Emphasize on the Benefits-: On the day of the presentation, after you introduce your fitness program to their audience, make much emphasis on the benefits the Organization stands to gain from using your fitness program; and also let them know about the various packages, their price tags and the benefits of each of them.
  • Over Deliver-: If the Organization awards you the contract to provide corporate fitness and wellness for the Organization, it is very important for you to over deliver. Remember that most of these employees may not have been in any fitness program before then. It is left to you to spice up your programs to catch and keep the employees attention. One way to do this is to organize mild competitions between various departments in the Organization.

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