7 Steps To Become a Pizza Delivery Business

It’s no news that the fast food industry is booming. Due to tight schedules and busy routines, a lot of people are turning to fast foods and ready-made meals that do not require a lot of time and effort to prepare. One hot favorite is Pizza.
A lot of people love Pizza because it’s delicious and comes in different sizes, and consumers can order any type of topping they like: pepperoni, sausage, cheese etc. Starting a pizza delivery business is fairly easy. Pizza delivery simply means that you would take pizza orders from clients usually by telephone or sometimes through the internet.
The customer would specify the type of pizza, topping and size they want, then you would deliver the pizza to their home, office or wherever they want it delivered to. You can make a sizeable profit from pizza delivery if you understand the techniques of running the business. So without wasting your time, below is a step by step approach for starting your own pizza delivery business.

Starting a Pizza Delivery Business – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Franchise or start-up?

The first thing to consider when starting your pizza delivery business is how you will be getting your pizza. You can either choose to obtain a franchise of an already existing pizza business or start making your own pizza by yourself.
Buying a franchise might give your business the right footing especially if it is a name that people are familiar with. It would be easier for you to get customers to patronize you. If you do not want to start a franchise of an already existing business, you can start-up your own business from the scratch and start making and delivering your pizzas by yourself.

2. Location and area of coverage

The next thing to decide is the area where you will locate your business and the areas your pizza delivery would cover. It is wiser to site your pizza kitchen in a central area where it would be easy and faster to reach customers who order for pizza.
Another benefit of locating your pizza kitchen in a public place is that apart from delivery services, you can also turn your pizza kitchen into a small restaurant where people can come in and eat their pizza while they relax or order take-outs.
When looking for a place to rent to serve as a pizza kitchen, you can contact restaurants that do not sell pizza and ask for an opportunity to use their kitchen but this would mean that you would have to share some of your profit with them as compensation for using their kitchen.
You would also need to determine the areas you would like to cover. If you live in a very big city, it may be impossible to cover all areas so you would have to decide the areas you would be able to deliver to and the areas you cannot reach.

3. Ordering methods

How would your customers order for their pizzas? This is another important aspect you need to look into. The most common methods for ordering are via telephone or through the internet. If you would like to incorporate internet ordering into your pizza delivery business, you would need to create a business website where people can make their orders.

4. Delivery method

How will you deliver your pizzas to your customers? Would you use a delivery van? A motorcycle or a bicycle? To run your pizza delivery business, you would definitely need one of the three. Depending on your start-up capital, you may need a delivery van but if you cannot afford a delivery van just yet, you can buy a motorcycle or a scooter.
A motorcycle is even more economical, as it would help you beat traffic and reach your customers faster. You would also save on fuel costs but a delivery van would make your business look more organized and professional.
You can start with a motorcycle and purchase a delivery van when you can afford it. You can also consider buying one of those big vans that can also double as a kitchen. This would save you costs of renting a kitchen.

5. Pizza delivery technology

These are the techniques and items used to package and preserve pizzas for delivery to customers. You would need to make pizza boxes. Pizza boxes are disposable boxes made of cardboard used to package pizza for delivery.
These boxes are designed in a way to keep the pizza fresh and keep the oil from leaking. You would also need a pizza delivery bag. This bag is used to retain heat so that the pizza doesn’t get cold before you get to your destination. Pizza bags are also known as hot bags.

6. Payment methods

This is another aspect you must give careful consideration to. How will you receive payments for your services? You should be aware that some customers do not like to carry cash around and would offer to pay you with credit cards or other payment platforms. You should always be prepared for such situations and make sure you have alternative payment options for clients apart from cash.

7. Getting Assistance

Pizza business is a little technical than it sounds. You have to make the pizza, pick telephone calls to take orders, take internet orders, drive to deliver orders and do so many other things.
This may be difficult for one person to handle hence; it is wiser to employ people to assist you with some aspects of the business like taking orders or delivering the pizza. Pizza delivery business is profitable and easy to start up.
You may also consider adding other complimentary products that can be taken alongside the pizza like drinks and fruit juice. This would increase your profit and give your client the satisfaction of ordering all their meals in one place.

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