10 Steps a Private Zoo Business

Animals are amazing and some animals are usually a site to behold. If you have ever been to a zoo, then you would agree that zoos are one of the best places to go on a recreation trip. All over the world it is known that zoo business sure does generate a lot of profit. That is why those who are already in the trade do all they can to make their businesses continue to boom.
If you have a penchant for animals, then to a large extent it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you considered starting your own private zoo. Starting a private zoo does require a lot;. From the various animals that would be on display at the zoo, to the medical care that would be needed to always put them in shape, and all what not.
First off, you have got to determine that this is what you want to do. This is because if you do not have a passion for this business that plan to embark ion, then you may risk running off right at the middle of the business just before it picks up. It is imperative to note that all businesses go through teething periods and a private zoo is not an exception.
So, that said. Here are the top tips that would be useful to you as you tinker with starting a private zoo.

Starting a Private Zoo – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Market Survey
In some parts of the world, especially in Africa, there might not be too many private zoos, however in the western, Asia and other parts of the world, the private zoos thrive a great deal there. Now, the market survey must be a very comprehensive one- such that you leave no stone unturned as you start your private zoo business. You can consider using some resources on the internet to pull things off. There are also books that can be found at the local library or at the book shop. Also, you need to research and know what the federal regulatory body requires of you regarding the keeping of animals exposed to the public.
2. Write a Business Plan
This step is very important because you have got to start your private zoo business in a very organized manner. This means that you may hire an expert to help you do this. Information like how much you intend to start your zoo business with must be contained as well as the marketing strategies you hope to adopt. Also, how many employees you plan to have amongst many other things.
3. Get Resources ready
Running a private zoo isn’t a child’s play. What this means is that you need plenty of funds to run and successfully maintain it. You would need money to buy land or rent land and facilities for your business. You have got to have funds to furnish and equip your zoo with so that you can attract all and sundry. You would have to pay animal caretakers and the veterinary care givers. You would also need money for the steady supply of animal food. If your savings would be enough to do all these, then fine. Otherwise, you would need to look at getting a loan from a bank or micro finance bank; family and friends can support you, as well as angel investors.
4. Get a location For Your Zoo
Your zoo needs to be located in the suburb of town- away from where the noise of the animals can be heard. To a very large extent the zoo business isn’t such that can be located amongst residents because of the noise the animals create. Be sure that there is ample land on which the enclosures and structures for the animal can be erected.
5. Register and Obtain Permit
The government in your country have got to give adequate approval that you can own wild animals. For that to happen, it is pertinent that you do the needful paper work for your business. The corporate affairs office as the case may be in some countries might be the right place to get things done. After you have registered your business, the next thing to do would be obtain a permit for owning wild animals. This is because it is illegal in most countries of the world to own wild animals without permit.
6. Build Animal Structures
Do ensure as it is the requirement of the regulatory body that enclosures have to be sturdy enough and safe so that the animals find it difficult to escape. The facility must meet minimum square footage requirement.
7. Obtain Animals Legally
Some people obtain wild animals illegally. You have got to make sure that the wild animals you have is obtained legally so that you can have an evidence of permit to tender when you are asked to.
8. Hire Caretakers
The animals in your care has tom be properly catered for. They have to be given medical attention as at when due. Hire people with experience, as well as people who have got a degree in handling wild life animals. This is a delicate business and you do not want to hire one who knows little or nothing about catering for animals.
9. Set Ticket Prices
Decide on the operating hour of your zoo and set ticket pricing. Owning a private isn’t a type of business that requires a 24hours operation. Therefore you need to decide on the number of hours of operation. Also, the tickets have to be moderately priced for starters since you want to gain more grounds to attract new and repeat customers.
10. Tell All About Your Business
Your mode of advertisement says a lot about the way your business would grow. Therefore you have to be all out to tell people about it. You can use fliers, brochures, word of mouth marketing, and television or radio mode of advertisement to pull things off.
Would all these steps help you start your own private zoo business? You bet it would as these are time tested tips that can work for just about anyone who uses them. In addition to all these, be sure that you create a great ambience at your zoo do that more people can visit.

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