7 Steps To Become a Social Club Business

 That is so true. If you are sociable, and good with networking and organizing events, then you should consider starting a social club in your area. There are various areas of interest you can choose if you desire to start your own social club.
You can choose to start a social club that gathers sport lovers or the fans of a football club, you can choose to start a social club that accommodate rock music lovers, jazz music lovers or reggae lovers at. You can also start a social club that accommodates artists or even entrepreneurs.
The essence of social clubs is to provide a haven of some sort for people of like minds to network and unwind. The bottom line is that you must carefully state you goals and what members tend to gain if they join your social club if you intend attracting the right set of people to your social club. You should also be willing to go out of your way to recruit people into your social club.
No doubts you just have to be very creative if you intend making good money from a social club. Aside from the registration fee and annual membership fee that you are expected to get, you also need to create and organize events that will help you generate money from your social club. You can organize competitions, excursion and exhibition for members of your social club. For illustration; if your social club is a hub for artists, you can organize an exhibition for members to display their works and also generate traffics that will patronize their art works et al.
Here are some tips that will be useful if you intend to start a social club with the aim of making profits from it;

Starting a Social Club – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Choose a Niche (Sports, Arts, Music, and Teens Club et al)
There are various areas you can choose to build your own social club around; the bottom line is that you should chose an area of interest that you are passionate about and one that you may easily attract like mind with. For instance: if you live in a community with loads of nursing mothers, you can choose to start a social club for nursing mothers. It will be easier for you to attract them to join your social club especially if they know that they will gain a lot by joining your social club.
2. Register Your Social Club
Once you are able to determine the type of social club to start, you next step should be to make the social club legal and you can only make it legal by registering it with the corporate affairs commissions of your country. You will be required to choose a name for your club.
3. Develop Your Recruitment Plans
Part of what determines the success of your social club is your recruitment plans. If you get it wrong with your recruitment plans, you end up attracting people that will help you destroy your social club. You must screen potential members in order to only attract people who won’t give you problems. That is people who will be willing to help build the social club to an enviable status. The truth is that, if your social club is built with class, people will struggle and be willing to pay any amount to become a member.
4. Develop Membership Package, (Rules and Regulations) Terms and Conditions
You would need to talk with your attorney to help you develop membership package, terms and conditions for your social club. This will enable you access and screen potential members before admitting them in. Members of your social club must sign to abide by the rules and regulation before conferring on them membership status. If possible, potential members should be placed on probation period before they are admitted as full members.
5. Create Interesting Events That Will Attract People to Join Your Social Club
You just have to be creative if you intend making money from your social club. Part of what you need to do to generate revenue from your social club is to organize events that people will pay to attend or to organize exhibition for your members. The truth is that, if you are good at planning events, you will sure track the right set of people to join your social club.
6. Leverage on Social Media Platform to Attract Members
If you are just starting out and you want to attract people to join your social club, you can leverage on social media platforms to attract members. You can create a forum online that will admit people of like minds. As a matter of fact, it is easier to start out online. Once you are able to successfully build huge follower base online, you can then take it to the next level.
7. Choose a Good Meeting Venue and Time for Your Social Club
Part of what you need to do to attract potential members into your social club is to ensure that you choose a good venue for your social club meeting. You can start with a cozy restaurant and bar in your city. The time for the gathering must also be right. It is advisable to choose a Sunday evenings- and between 3 to 7 pm. This is the ideal time people usually socialize. It is important to state that aside from the first few meeting dates, time and venue that you have the monopoly to choose, you can also give them the options of choosing the meeting time, date and venue; it will give the members sense of belongings.
If you have a clear cut vision and goal of what you intend achieving with your social club, you are likely going to find it difficult screening people who may want to join your social club because of its prestigious status.

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