11 Steps To Become a TV Station Online

Can you look back and tell for how long the business of television station has been in existence? Could it have started in the 1930s, 40s or perhaps the 50s? The truth is that the business of television station has been in existence for a long time. If for any reason it hadn’t been a profitable one, then chances are that you wouldn’t find more television stations springing up every now and then.
Starting a television station usually becomes easy when one has the passion to send a strong message out that can influence the masses. This could be political messages that can be achieved through news coverage, or it could be entertainment that can be achieved by having a television station that shows all that concerns, showbiz, paparazzi and what have you. In all irrespective of the type of message you want to beam to the world, it is a question of being professional.
You can start a television business by starting from the scratch or buying an existing one. If you mull over buying an existing television station or building a new one, be aware that there are additional operating costs that might be incurred. This article is set to address those types of expenses, as well as other steps that are needed to start a new television station.
So, if you have a penchant for broadcasting, or plain want to influence the society in a certain way, then you may consider starting your own television station with the following tips below.

Starting a TV Station Online – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Be Decided
I have placed this tip on the front burner because it is really imperative that you make up your mind to own a television station. This is because this business is never a child’s play; which is why you have got to have an underlying passion for it. So, be sure you are up for this before delving into it.
2. Research
Nothing more could take the place of carrying out a good and thorough research in line with what you want to start. It is for that reason that you need the internet, as well as books to garner a whole lot of wisdom and understanding from, as it concerns the electronic media. This is so that when you eventually start the business, you can look back and say you started on the right footing.
3. Seek Advice from Consultants
It is very vital that you seek the insight of consultants before you start. This is so that you can be given insights on whether it is something you should try your hand on, as well as how you should go about it the profitable way, et al. You would need to learn all about the various best practices and things to expect. For instance; you need to know whether the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), or the appropriate authority in your country is still accepting applications for new television stations in your country.
4. Know Your Competition
It is very significant that you study and know the various competitions that you have. This is because doing this would to a large extent help you know and see things that you ordinarily wouldn’t.
5. Write a Business Plan
This is one of the steps to take as things begin to look up with your findings. You would need the input of an expert to help you write a winning business plan. This expert should be able to make you fill in some of the most appropriate details for your business. Like immediate and future projections of your television station, how many workers you plan to have what the focus of the station would be and what have you.
6. Determine Whether to Buy an Existing One
Resolve, whether you want to buy an existing television station business or if you want to start your own. Purchasing an existing station may likely help you start out on a prosperous note. This means you would already have an established name for the station and the workers can be retained. On the other hand, starting a new television station will help you build from the ground up, and then you can be abreast with the details involved in building the business.
7. Send out an Application
The next port of call for you would be to prepare an effective application. If possible you may still need the input of an expert, because the application for television slots is competitive and so an expert needs to know how to tweak things since you are not certain about endorsement.
8. Register Business and Permit
You would be required to register the name of your business and television station. To follow suit would be to seek for a permit. A permit is really crucial so that you do not end up being clamped down without the right go ahead.
9. Pool Resources Together
Now is a good time to gather the funding you would need. You may   consider finding shareholders who can give monetarily to your TV station business. It is worthy to note that these shareholders get a percentage of the profit your company makes per time. There is also the option of getting a bank loan .The amount you require should be hinged on the following; operation, equipment, start up costs, workers and all what not.
10. Purchase Equipment
After you might have been granted to start your own television station with permit, then need to purchase all the equipment that is needed to start with. You may consider handing all of that over to a professional.
11. Start Operation and Advertise
Once you open business to all, you can begin to market your television station. You may look at posting an announcement in your local community newspaper, in the area where the station is positioned. The internet can also help create a great buzz to this effect. For example; the various social media platforms can help out with this.
Do note that starting a television station requires that you constantly are in tune with the happenings around the world. It is for that reason that you need to constantly think up ways to serve the general public better.

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