7 Steps To Become a Wine Club Business

If you have ever had a taste of a good wine, then you would agree that it takes a lot of expertise to produce great drinks. Wine comes in different flavours; from apple, to grapes, citrus and other nice fruits. This is no wonder that a lot of folks have continued to stay addicted to one form of flavor of wine or another.
The history of wine dates back to the biblical days when water was turned to wine. People who existed then knew the importance of wine , which was why the story of water being turned into wine in the bible went far and wide. Fast forward centuries ago and wine was also a big deal in most parts of the world.
Today, the story hasn’t changed a bit and there are still loads of people who are into the wine business -from manufacturing of wine, to being a distributor, to starting a wine club. These and more are some of the projects that one could start. For the purpose of this read, we would look solely at the wine club. How can you possibly start a wine club and what is a wine club?
A wine club is more like a gathering of folks with kindred spirit, who want to learn more about the various wines there are, and at the same time have an interesting time conversing about issues of interest. If you think starting a wine club is what you want to do, then here below are tips to do just that.

Starting a Wine Club – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Some Research
It is good for you to want to start a wine club. However, it is even better and as a matter of fact of great import that you learn a big deal about what you wants to embark on. This means that you must be ready to learn a lot about wines, the various wine clubs that exist, how to choose members, where they are located, how they are started, what it entails to start one and what have you. How can you possibly do this, you might ask? You can use the internet to gather a lot of information about this. You would be surprised at the ample knowledge you can garner doing this.
2. Choose Members
After you have successfully done the first task of doing some research, the next thing that would be required of you would be to choose those who would make up your club. Ideally a wine club has between eight and ten members. On the contrary if you are looking to have a larger club then you should seek to have more members.
However, if want to start small then you can look at starting with close friends of about four to six people. It is important that you note that the smaller the number of members you have, the easier it would be to manage. Therefore, this automatically, means that you would need to do more work when you have more members.
3. Pick a Leader
It is important that as you have got your members that you pick a leader. Since you are the initiator of the wine club, the mantle of leadership may fall on you, as you would have to be the leader. If on the other hand you feel you do not want to be saddled with fixing meetings for the wine tasting as well as scheduling the parties, then you may assign a leader. It is however ideal that the leader hosts the first meeting so that he can lay down the established rules of the club.
4. Fix Dates and Set up Calendar
If you have set up the club’s calendar, it would be very expedient that you let all members of your club se it. This is so that they know what parties and wine tastings are coming up, where they would be held, as well as who would be hosting them.
5. Set up Club Guidelines
There are some very vital things that must be set up. These include how many months you shall always meet, the name of the club, guidelines to score the wines after they are tasted, the scorecard to use for the different wines. This would also entail that you assign a secretary who would keep track on the wine that scores the highest.
6. Consider What the Dues Would Be
This means that you and members of your wine club have got to decide whether a certain amount of money would be paid as dues so that there may be refreshment at the meetings, or whether it is solely up to the host to cater for the member on the meeting days.
7. Choose Wines
You have got to choose the different types of wines to be used at the meeting. You can look through the internet to see the types of wine there are and those that can be used for a wine club. Be sure to also get the types of cups that are used for wine tasting for your members.
There you have it folks, seven tested ways to start a wine club. Additionally, you can also search the internet for drink sites where you can be able to get these wines at a fairly cheaper rate compared to if you had to buy at a physical store.

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