8 Steps to Become a Mobile Bartending Service Business

Ever heard of a mobile bartending service? Bartending no doubt is a well-paid career, with reported standard earnings statistically greater than a majority of graduates. Alcohol sales remain constant even in a tough economy; therefore bartending is often referred to as an austerity-proof venture. Generally, the bartending business is competitive.
Depending on the country involved, on the average bartenders choose to get better and increase their incomes by starting a bartending service business. This is one business that you may not need a university degree to start. However, you have got to be ready and prepared to invest your time, skills and some money into making your business a successful one.
It is for these reasons that it is expedient for you to follow strictly the steps that would be given in this read if you have the ambition to start a mobile bartending service business. There is loads of return on your investments as you make these tips yours. Now, let us see the steps to be followed;

Starting a Mobile Bartending Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research
Learn as much as you can about the bartending business. This is so that you can learn a whole lot about what the bartending service is all about, the type of people who do this type of business, how resources is got and a whole lot more. You can make the internet your friend in this regard. With the internet, you can be sure to have options to learn from.
2. Enroll In a Bartending School
Mobile bartending venture isn’t something that you dabble into without first looking to see how things are really managed. Therefore, you have got to consider enrolling in a bartending school. There are several schools that train people on various bartending skills. You can discover one or more of them when you undertake a thorough and exhaustive research.
3. Get Some on the Job Training
You may also consider getting an on the job training. What does an on the job training do for you? You are able to get hands on experience that would go a long way in making your dream of starting a bartending service come true. You can garner hand-on experience in the fields of customer service or hospitality.
4. Know How to Run a Business
It is very important for you to know how to run your business. This is one step that you must get right, if indeed you want to see your mobile bartending business grow to profitability. There are some skills that are needful in this regard. They include; accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, as well as customer service. Checking with some business colleges to see which you may be able to afford would be a nice idea. Also, you can get books on business.
5. Draw a Business plan
This is very expedient as you would need to formulate some projections for your business. You would need to put down information as; how much startup you need, your marketing plans, personnel needs, projected income, amongst many others.
6. Register a Business Name and Get a License
A business name is really needful for such a business as this. You can check with your government business regulatory agency to see what registering a name for your business would entail. After that has been achieved, then you can go a step further by seeking a license to operate.
7. Procure the Various Bartending Supplies
This is one business where you might not be required to spend an arm and a leg to get the much needed tools to start business with. However, you need the basic things like; printing your business cards,. Speed pours, wine keys, bottle openers, garnish trays, coolers, just to mention a few. You would also need a portable mobile bar, as well as uniforms to make your service professional.
8. Market Your Business
This is one means through which your business can be in the eyes of potential clients. You may consider the word of mouth method of advertisement by telling all and sundry about your mobile bartending business. You can also consider printing fliers, brochures and post cards for starters. You can also consider making use of the internet by placing free classified ads, partner with party planners, caterers as well as disc jockeys.
Even after you have started your mobile bartending business, do not relent at looking for ways to get better at what you do. Getting better at what you do only means that you seek ways to be trained as trends in the industry changes.

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