9 Steps To Become a Laser Tag Company

Laser tag business is another area of business opportunity offering families fun and profit at the same time. Though starting it might be expensive, costing from around $10,000 to as high as $50,000. This is because you need a unique game area in the facility with enough space and all the equipment that you need in the facility too are expensive.
But with foresight and money this business can offer comfort in terms of profitability. Those who have walked the path of setting up such a business know what it involves and so have left no stone unturned in making sure that the needed steps to start this kind of business is seriously adhered to .
What are the necessary steps to take in order to start a Laser tag business and do well in it, you just might ask? This read proposes to show all that is involved and how to possibly build the business from the scratch to profitability. Consider these steps to guide you in your journey…

Starting a Laser Tag Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Undertake Some Research
You want to find out what other Laser tag outfits are doing and how they are doing them.What equipment and facilities do they have in place? If people through there, why? Is there something you notice they are not doing well and can become your own USP – Unique selling proposition? Are there associations that you must belong to and are there government regulations that you must abide by? These questions and more are the answers an exhaustive research may be able to answer when you do your background check and be sure you have crossed the ‘T’s and dotted the ‘I’s.
2. Draw a Business Plan
Having done your check and sure of your conviction to go into this business and at what level you wish to play, then you must come up with a sound business plan; one that capture all the details of the business. Remember that the business plan is like the architectural design when constructing a building. It shows you each step as you build. It is also important in case you will need to raise money from investors.
3. Seek Investment
After coming up with the plan, the next thing to do is to raise capital. From your business plan you can tell if you can bankroll the project on your own or not. If you cannot, then you need to approach investors to partner with you on the business. Don’t forget that to raise capital it is better to start from the known to the unknown. So talk to friends and families first; and then if need be, angel or equity investors and/or banks.
4. Register Your Laser Tag Business
Operating a business without registering it with necessary governmental authorities is a punishable offense in many countries. So, you just register the business with necessary authorities and agencies within your city to obtain required licenses that will allow you operate legally. Nothing spays like having a fully documented business.
5. Set Up Your Laser Tag Facility
For a standard Laser tag facility, you will need plenty of space. You should consider a location that is about 6,000 square feet. Don’t forget it is not only about games, but you also need arcade area, space for parties, snack area and so on. Remember that this business is human traffic dependent, so ensure you locate it close to shopping malls or restaurants.
For the actual construction of the facility, you will need a qualified construction contractor. The facility should have at least two levels, and platforms and structures to hide behind. It must be well padded for safety. For ideas on constructing yours, you might need to visit other Laser tag facilities and participate in their games and other activities.
6. Hire Workers
This is more or less a hospitality venture. Majority of your staffers must be people that are free minded and enjoy fun activities. Can work almost throughout and any day of the week. (Although you should inculcate into your working hours the possibility of shift). They should have experience in dealing with people of all kinds and backgrounds. Work with a consultant in the process of hiring them.
7. Get Your Website Ready
This type of business will thrive on a lot of pictures and images. Your site must have a gallery that shows images of the different fun activities and games available. Make it very functional and interactive. This will help your business to reach a larger market. Don’t also forget the place of social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest and the rest of them and have them linked to your site.
8. Market Your Business
The power of marketing and making your business can never be over flogged,. It is for this reason that it becomes really imperative to go all out to be known. Apart from the internet, also use other media to advertise. Utilize the Local newspapers, national dailies, journals, brochures, and other relevant publications to advertise.
9. Begin Operation
Now that things have really looked up, you need to open the business for customers to come in and do business with you. And you could do that in a unique style. You may want to take a cue from the ways others have done theirs. You may consider asking questions, as well as throwing a big party so that potential customers could come have some fun.
Those are the steps to take in order to open a Laser tag business.

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