8 Steps To Become a Successful Motivational Speaker

Do you have a passion for changing lives? Do you have what it takes to inspire people to greatness? Are you a good orator, a goal getter and a positively minded person? Then it is high time you learn how to become a motivational speaker and make money by positively affecting people’s lives.
Now what is a motivational speaker? A motivational speaker is simply someone who renders speeches in order to motivate or inspire audience. But from personal experience, i know that the work of a motivational speaker goes beyond just motivating and inspiring.
Modern day motivational speakers now engage in career talks and development, character and team building, entrepreneurial skill development, life coaching, ethics and corporate culture appreciation, staff orientation and training, mentorship, etc. In fact, the work of a motivational speaker is never done, provided such a person knows his or her onions.
Today, i make money from speaking at events, talk shows, seminars, workshops, etc. But it was never my intention to venture into motivational or public speaking. I started out in life as an entrepreneur, then i started a blog to share my business experience and challenges with people. From there, i found myself giving advice and sharing strategies with people over social media, phone and email. And before i knew it, i was speaking to people on platforms, getting paid and most importantly, transforming lives.
How did i do it? What special training did i enroll for? How did i improve my public speaking skills? What does it take to become a professional, successful motivational speaker? Well, i advice you read on as i share with you, the exact steps to becoming a professional motivational speaker.

4 Benefits of being a motivational speaker

Becoming a motivational speaker is an interesting and lucrative job or business in the sense that there are some benefits attached to it which will always encourage and aspire people into the job. Below are some of the benefits;
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Financial gain
  • Exposure
  • Fame

How to Become a Highly Paid Professional Motivational Speaker

1. Work on developing yourself
Garbage in, garbage out. You can never give what you don’t have. To help others improve themselves, you must first improve yourself. To motivate or inspire others, you must first be inspired and radiate positivity and optimism. Now what are the qualities you must work on developing if you must be a highly paid motivational speaker?
  • You must be sociable and easy to interact with people.
  • You must be able to come up with creative ideas and stories to motivate your listeners.
  • You must have a wide general knowledge and experiences.
  • You must be a strategic thinker, that provides out of the box, creative ideas and solutions that can solve specific problems.
  • You must be entertaining and have a good sense of humor.
2. Work on your public speaking skills
Even if you are having the best lessons and stories to share, you will fail if your speaking skill is poor. So you need to work hard on mastering your public speaking skills. The best way to discover your doings is to videotape your speeches in any program. Once that is done, take time to watch your records carefully. Carefully observe the audience attention to your intonation and the eye contact you establish with the audience. You should learn how to sound natural and reassuring. If it pleases you, enroll in a public speaking course that will assist in polishing your skills.
3. Select your target audience
You should decide who your target audiences are before you start making up your motivational speeches. Each group of persons should be approached in a particular way. When you do not have an idea of who will be receiving your speeches, you will fail in making those highly specific and relevant. Are you going to target students, youths, NGOs, career minded individuals, retirees, corporate executives, churches, mosques, Christians, employees, the unemployed, or will you rather be focused on a particular industry? That is left for you to decide.
4. Look for a mentor
Motivational speakers are specific group of orators that influence the lives of others and as such, they hold tremendous responsibility. So for you to become a good motivational speaker, you should look out for what others are doing, establish connections, talk to notable professional speakers and discover the right mentor that will show you tricks of this profession. Having a mentor will assist you to refine your skills.
5. Start selling your skills
For a start, you should make some sacrifices. You should probably deliver motivational speeches free of charge. This will be a crucial aspect of your marketing efforts. People needs to know how good you are in order to start paying for motivational speeches. Get in touch with NGOs and speakers’ bureaus that will need the services of a speaker. Allow these organizations to know that you are available. The more opportunities you have, the quicker you will gain the popularity you seek.
6. Advertise yourself
Advertising is very important for success in nowadays. As a life coach, you will be dealing with fierce competition. A good number of people are already successful in the job. Word of mouth and internet promotion remains the best two mediums for marketing requirement. Though i have never advertised myself or my speaking services, my blog still remains a media for contact and passive marketing.
7. Keep improving yourself through feedback
A good life coach always listen to the audience. Learn how to ask for responses and how to listen to the things people will have to say. The simplest way to receive some information is through the creation of a simple poll. Always be ready to modify anything that is not in place or below expectation.
8. The more you speak, the more you should write
A good speaker is a good writer. Try and publish articles and informative pieces in blogs, special magazines and websites. Despite being a good form of publicity, it will assist you to master your motivational speaking skills. Just learn how to master both.

10 Requirements You Need to Become a Motivational Speaker

Have you have previously achieved success with presentations, speeches, or even wedding toasts? Are you particularly passionate about motivating people and helping them achieve their goals? And would you like to turn motivational speaking into a full-time business, making positive changes in people’s lives and making good money at the same time?
To become a motivational speaker, you don’t have to hold a college or university degree. And even though there are courses in motivational speaking that you can enroll with, having a formal qualification isn’t a must for you to succeed as motivational speaker. Here are 10 requirements you need to have, instead:
a. Passion
The first thing you need to become a motivational speaker passion—passion to help others overcome their fears, worries, and challenges, and to inspire them to achieve their goals. This is the fuel that will keep you going, even when things are seemingly difficult from the start. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will soon stop doing it when you start facing challenges.
b. A target audience
As a motivational speaker, you must have a target audience as well as your special message for them. Your choice of a target audience will depend on a number of factors, such as the areas or topics you are particularly interested in, the challenges around you, your experience, and the specific goals you want to help other people achieve.
So, you need to figure out your target audience right from the start. Examples of target audiences include job seekers and college students who need career guidance, people trying to break certain habits, people living with certain medical conditions, small business owners, and the list is endless.
c. Knowledge
Even though you don’t have to be a seasoned expert in your area of interest to get started as a motivational speaker, you need to have a good grasp of the subject.
For example, if you want to target small business owners who are looking to grow their businesses, you must have deep knowledge of entrepreneurship and everything about small business. Without this, you won’t be able to understand the needs, wants, hopes, challenges, and goals of your target audience. And you won’t be able to teach them effectively. So, you need to read books, use online resources, and consult with seasoned experts on your area of interest.
d. A mentor
As stated earlier, you don’t need to have any formal education to become a motivational speaker. But you must have mentor who will teach you how to go about your plan to become a motivational speaker and help you trail the path to success.
Some so-called gurus make money teaching others how to become motivational speakers without being motivational speakers themselves. Your ideal mentor is someone who is a seasoned motivational speaker with years of experience and multiple successes under his or her belt.
e. Public speaking skills
Since most of your communication with your target audience will be through speaking, it goes without saying that you must have great public speaking skills. Before starting out, you need to assess your public speaking skills and try to improve on them with the aid of your mentor.
Effective public speaking skills can make all the difference between a successful motivational speaker and an unsuccessful one. That is, your success as a motivational speaker hinges largely on your public speaking skills.
f. Marketing skills
Since you want to do this for a living, you need strong marketing skills to succeed as a motivational speaker. You must be able to market yourself in a subtle way by any means you have. The more you market yourself, the more connections you will have, the more speaking appointments you will land, and the more money you will make.
g. Writing skills
Hardly would you find a successful motivational speaker that does not double as a great writer. Writing at times could be more effective than speaking and could have a more powerful effect on your target audience. So, you need to master the art of writing.
Aside that writing can be a better way to communicate at times, it expands the reach of your words and can provide you with additional income.
h. Integrity
Successful motivational speakers are people of integrity. While they may not be perfect (no one is), you will hardly find their names rubbished in scandals or other questionable circumstances. Why? The reason is because they teach ethical practices and strategies, and discourage their target audience from cutting corners.
Aside staying away from all unethical and questionable practices, you need to understand the ethical ways your target audience can achieve their goals as well as the unethical strategies they might be tempted to avoid.
i. Flexibility
Keeping abreast of latest trends will help you understand how the hopes, worries, fears, and challenges of your target audience change with time. And you will be able to change your motivational tutelage accordingly. Strategies that worked for people years ago might have stopped working now. If you are not abreast of that change, you will end up inspiring people to fail rather than succeed.
In conclusion, i believe the above tips are the best approach to becoming a good and vibrant motivational speaker. Being a motivational speaker is very lucrative in the sense that it will take you high, get you connected to dignities in the society, make you popular and fetch good money.

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