7 Steps To Become a Spray Tanning Company

Starting a business is perhaps one of the best decisions you can make if indeed you want to retire early and enjoy the rest of your retirement years. Starting a business is all about providing solutions to people’s need and getting paid in return.
If you are looking towards starting your own business, but you want a business that requires flexible working hours, low startup capital and with great profit margin, then you should consider starting your own spray tanning business. Spray tanning business is one of those businesses that you can start from the comfort of your home.
Spray tanning which also known as sunless tanning, UV – free tanning, fake tanning or self tanning business is a beauty therapy business that involves the application of chemicals (makeup) to the skin to produce a suntan effect. It is a lucrative business that anybody including students and employees can easily start without much stress. All you would need to start this type of business is spray tanning business training and your spray tanning starter kit. You can engage in this business on a part level or full – time.
Now let us quickly consider the steps you need to follow to be able to successfully launch your own spray tanning business from the scratch and then build the business to a successful venture within the shortest time frame;

Starting a Spray Tanning Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies
To start with, you would have to conduct a feasibility study to get all the required info that will guide you to successfully launch your own spray tanning business in your country. It is important to state that spray tanning business can only do well in certain regions; places that are dominated by white folks. So, if you live in West Africa, then spray tanning business is not the right business for you to start. But if you live in Europe, North America or even in Australia, then you should consider starting your own spray tanning business. But ensure that you conduct your feasibility studies before investing your time and money into the business.
2. Enroll in a Spray Tanning Class
Once you have made up your mind to start your own spray tanning business, then the next step that you should take is to enroll in a spray tanning class. There is several beauty therapy schools that you can learn spray tanning from. Just visit the internet to search for the one that is closest to you. One good thing about most of these beauty therapy schools is that much more than training you, they will also provide you with support structure that will help you nurture and grow your business; they will offer your free consultancy service for a period of time and you can easily purchase your starter kit and every other thing that you would need to operate your spray tanning business at a discounted price.
3. Draft Your Business Plan
Once you are through with your trainings, then the next step that is expected of you to take is to draft your business plan; a blue print of how you intend to manage and grow your business. The bottom line is to ensure that you state your marketing strategy, profit projections, expansion strategy and other areas that will help you effectively run your business are well taken care of in your business plan. It is important to state that you are likely going to face competition with your spray tanning business because more people are getting interested in the business. It is your business plan that will give you an edge in the market place.
4. Register Your Business
The next step that you are to take is to legally register the business. Although you can operate this type of business without registering it, but it will pay you to register it if your intention is to grow the business beyond a one man show. So visit the nearest office of the corporate affairs commissions in your state to legally register your business. You can as well visit the tax office in your area to apply and collect your tax payer’s ID.
5. Purchase Your Spray Tanning Starter Kit
Aside from the training, one of the areas where you are expected to spend the bulk of your startup capital is in purchasing your spray tanning starter kit. In some cases the money you paid for spray tanning trainings will cover the cost of your starter kit. As a matter of fact, you can get a complete spray tanning kit with training for less than 450 USD.
6. Decide Whether to Operate from Home or to be Mobile
Another major decision that you are expected to make is to choose between operating your spray tanning business from the comfort of your home (home salon) or to be mobile. When you operate from home, it means you have to put things in place that will make your customers comfortable. But if you chose to be mobile, it means you will go to your clients whenever to call for your service. Even if you choose to operate your spray tanning business from your home, you can still offer home service to some special clients. There are extra charges for home services. Just ensure that you are well guided with your pricing system.
7. Market and Promote Your Spray Tanning Business
The success of your spray tanning business is largely dependent on your ability to network and market the business. If you are lucky, the beauty therapy school where you got trained can create market channel for you. There are several steps you need to follow to market your spray tanning business; first make sure that you have a well printed business card and other promotional materials (banners, Tee Shirts, Face Caps, and Handbills et al) and ensure that you distribute these promotional materials in your community. You can leverage on social media platforms and your personal website to promote your spray tanning business.
There you have it; steps to follow to start your spray tanning business

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