6 Steps To Become a Millionaire by Joining IFA Business opportunity

Do you want to earn an extra income?.... Now you CAN!

The Leading, The Exciting, The Greatest Businesses Opportunity In The History Of South Africa – The IFA Business! DO YOU WANT TO…
  1. Earn extra income in your spare time?
  2. Change your life and your family’s life?
  3. Have your own house?
  4. Drive your own car?

If your answer is yes

Dump the Excuses, and decide and act to secure you and your family the future they deserve now!!!!


But if

6 Simple Steps To Earn R34,310 per Month 

  1. Get a bonus of one R200 by just introducing 2 people
  2. Make R34,310 in only 3 months
  3. 1st month; enter 10 key appointments, each with a paid premium of R180, and earn R155
  4. 2nd month; if your 10 keys all introduce 10 selections each with a paid premium of R180, you will win R3105
  5. 3rd month; if level 2 entered 10 key appointments, each u would earn R31050
  6. Earn your income +monthly bonus of R315 and R16500


Business marketing support and online tools Specialized training programs and material Access to branded content and clothing Regional Business Management support Access to a Client Service team 6 days a week Provincial and National rallies Competitions, bonuses, events, incentive trips, and more!

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