Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

According to the CITA or the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association, over 100 companies are providing different forms of phone service all across the country. This means you are using one of them at home, and in a recession, you have to figure out different ways to save money on your phone bill.

But how do we do that? Well, we must first understand that the different providers offer us land-based phones, wireless communication, and broadband internet. Some of these companies offer two or three of these services, and since the competition is intense, you are sure to find someone who could be offering you a better deal than the one you are getting right now.

You will only know when is the best time to switch providers if you check your phone bills over the past few months and see if there has been a significant increase in usage. This increase depends on who you called and the location of the person you contacted.

If you don’t make calls often and the phone bill is relatively high, review the miscellaneous charges. Most of the time, this is subject to tax, but if you find this too high, perhaps now would be a good time to call your service provider and ask them to explain this further. For those who can’t accept it, now is the time you should consider switching to another provider.

To do that, you must get a quote from the different service providers and then compare each. You can obtain this information by logging on to their company website or calling someone from their office and asking them to send you a quote.

While talking to a potential service provider on the phone, ask if there are special rates frfor new subscribers. They may even have a tie-up with a credit card company, which will save you money and, at the same time, earn points.

If you have found a better phone provider, one last thing to ask is whether other charges will be reflected in the bill. Unfortunately, many people forget to ask that before they sign up and then are shocked to see other charges when they get the bill.

We mentioned earlier that the frequency of your calls significantly determines how much you pay for a month when the rates for local and international calls vary.

To save money for international calls, let the other party call you instead of the other way around. So you don’t spend hours talking on the phone or buying prepaid cards, which will limit your time on the line.

If you have a computer, talk to the other person using the free call service provided by Skype or Yahoo Messenger, as for those using their mobile phones to place calls, make them during off-peak hours because you are charged a lower rate than during peak hours.

There are ways to save money on your phone bill, which does not always mean canceling your current subscription and switching to another provider. You just have to play it smart so the money you save can be used for other things like paying for other necessities like electricity, food, gas, and clothing.

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