10 Things To Consider Before Changing Old Flooring

Changing Old Flooring

Floors are the most essential part of your house. It is the first thing that any onlooker or guest notices when they enter your sweet haven. However, with time, the same floors you installed with so much love, care, and affection lose their shine and finish and get chipped or damaged.

If you want to change your house floors and replace them with the latest hardwood floors that are the newest rage among homeowners, it is suggested that you hire the best remodelling company near me in Arden Heights, NY, at cost-effective rates.

However, there are 10 things that you must consider before changing your old flooring, which is mentioned below.

1. Durability

Before changing your floors, consider what flooring best suits your house. Try to go with durable and sturdy floors in high-traffic areas. Moreover, it is advised to install slip, stain, and moisture-resistant floors in the living room, kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Installation

Buy floorings from companies that not only promise to strip away your old floors and lay new ones but will also move your furniture and rearrange it after the installation is completed. This decreases your workload and results in a faster installation process.

3. Subfloor Material

You must remove your subflooring before laying new floors, especially if you have carpets. However, you can easily install new floors directly over tile and hardwood. If you have installed concrete slabs, they can be easily covered by laminates, which can easily handle moisture.

4. Challenges

While choosing a floor for your house, keep your plans or plans in mind. For instance, you may want to sell your home in the future, so lay those floors which will increase the value, worth and curb appeal of your home. Also, in the future, you may have kids or pets, so install those floors that will work best with your plans.

5. Options

If you have a low flooring budget or are still determining which flooring to choose, install those floors that can be easily changed or replaced. For instance, you can choose vinyl floors or cheap ceramic tiles, which are easy to install and strip away. But for your kitchen, install the feet you want to keep in the future. Additionally, if you want the best kitchen remodelling services in Arden Heights, NY, at economical rates, then search online and ask for referrals.

6. Appeal

Opt for those floors which have broad appeal. Spanish tiles or marble floors will look nice, urban, chic and trendy now, but shortly, when you need the money and want to sell your home, they may not add value or attract buyers. So, it is advised to go for those floors which will increase the worth of your home. Moreover, for the best bathroom remodelling, it is suggested to install slip and stain-resistant tiles.

7. Easy Installation

If you don’t want to wait for weeks for custom cutting of tiles, then lay carpets, laminate or vinyl floors.

8. Color Options

Go for different colours, designs, textures, and patterns that are different from your previous flooring to give a completely new look to your home.

9. Maintenance

Choose the tile according to its specific maintenance requirements. If you can’t scrub tiles and clean grout lines daily, opt for stone or hardwood flooring.

10. Height

Decide beforehand which type of floors you need to install on which floor of your house. Carpet or stone floors are not suitable for the basement.

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