5 Reasons why Javascript can be a threat to your SEO blog

JavaScript is one of the most common web technologies, and many sites use it to offer enhanced functionality. However, JavaScript isn’t all that good. In fact, for many sites, including your SEO blog, the use of JavaScript could be a bit of a threat. If you are using WordPress or any other PHP CMS, JavaScript can be dangerous, and it can cause quite a lot of trouble.
JavaScript and WordPress?!

JavaScript can be used on many sites, including sites written in PHP. Usually, you can’t embed JavaScript directly in your WordPress blog because of compatibility issues, but with the help of containers of a different kind, you can do it.

The integration of JavaScript and WordPress isn’t always the most trouble-free. JavaScript can be embedded in your WordPress SEO blog, but you need to be careful so that it doesn’t cause functionality and performance issues.

Why JavaScript Could Impact Your SEO Blog Negatively

When you ask an SEO expert about JavaScript, he or she will probably tell you that JavaScript is an SEO disaster. While it isn’t exactly so, JavaScript does have some adverse effects on your SEO blog. For instance:
  1. Spiders hate JavaScript. Probably the most devastating effect JavaScript can have on your blog is regarding SEO ranking. The improper use of JavaScript can affect your rankings with search engines in a negative way. If your JavaScript is not spiderable, then the text inside is lost for search engines. Only this disadvantage of JavaScript is enough to make you think whether you really need this JavaScript functionality or not.
  2. Performance downgrade. JavaScript can slow a site down. If you are hosting your blog with the right WordPress hosting, then it is less likely to experience performance downgrades, but still, when you use JavaScript, you should expect that this will load the servers and your WordPress installation and as a result, performance might be downgraded.
  3. Security issues. In addition to a performance downgrade, JavaScript could pose security issues. Again, with the right WordPress hosting, when the adequate measures are taken, even if security issues are stemming from your use of JavaScript, the damage will be minimal.
  4. Platform limitations. Relying on JavaScript for basic functionality isn’t a good idea because no matter how popular JavaScript is – JavaScript comes installed by default in almost any browser under practically any platform but don’t bet your life on it. Here are many cases when JavaScript can’t be used, and this is why these users won’t be able to access the functionality. For instance, mobile devices commonly either have no JavaScript support at all or come with basic JavaScript support.
  5. User bans. Even if the browser of your users supports JavaScript, it still doesn’t mean that your users will use it. While on some browsers JavaScript is enabled by default, on others it isn’t, and if your users don’t let it explicitly, they won’t be able to use it. This means that if you have content inside JavaScript, it will become inaccessible to everybody who doesn’t use JavaScript.

These 5 reasons why JavaScript can be a threat to your SEO blog are pretty severe. Still, nobody says that it’s a horrible thing to use JavaScript as long as you use it wisely. If you know how to deal with the wrong sides of JavaScript and don’t rely heavily on it, then JavaScript won’t be that much of a problem for your SEO blog. Just remember not to use JavaScript for everything you can think of because this will undoubtedly lead to problems.

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