Booking your Flight – Smart Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal

It never hurts to ask, many people say. This is true in almost any situation, and it includes that of negotiating deals on airline tickets. There are varieties of ways airline deals can be arranged.

To know how to negotiate you may first need to do some research regarding airline flight prices. Then, you will want to find out which airlines are offering the best deals at the best times. Furthermore, you can learn more about the various travel agencies through whom you can purchase travel tickets.

Once you have done some research, then you, may decide to make your move. You can either book a deal online after some careful analysis, or you can book over the phone, and negotiate even more carefully. Either way is acceptable, depending upon how much time you have.

To receive the best discount prices on airline deals, you will need to need to have both the qualities of persistence as well as flexibility. This is true whether you make your booking and negotiating online, telephone or in person.

For example, if you choose to correspond with travel agents via e-mail, you will need to know lowest a response. You also need to know how not to give up until you are satisfied you have landed the best deal out there.

Furthermore, you will need to know what questions to ask to get the answers you want. For example, you will need to ask which days are the best outgoing days (where you can receive the cheapest price) and which days are the best return trip days. For example, sometimes even one day can make a difference between paying $500 for a domestic plane ticket and $300 for a card. You may need to be able to be bold enough to ask other questions as well.

One other question you may want to ask is if the airline or agency that you are consulting has any group rates or any companion rates. Purchasing more than one ticket usually results in a price cut for a couple or even an entire group. There may be a specific policy regarding this, such as a certain deposit amount being needed, or the whole price may be needed to be paid up front for this group discount.

Upon learning about t the various group and individual discounts, travelers need to be aware of additional information as well. For example, anyone traveling by plane, especially if receiving a discount, various rules apply.

One rule that applies to discount travelers is that regarding the amount of luggage that is allowed. Furthermore, those who travel by plane may also need to be aware that some items are banned on airplanes. The rules pertaining to luggage may be different depending on the airline or airport.

Another rule that applies regarding discount travel is that sometimes travel is only allowed on specific dates. This may be a tough one to negotiate, and is often set as such. However, there usually are still quite a few days during which a person can travel and still receive a discount.

If you are traveling at the last minute and are looking for an airline deal, sometimes you can make out on last minute cancellations. These are the times when the fare is exceptionally lower than it usually is when purchasing tickets at the last minute, which are usually expensive.

You may also be able to negotiate deals on airline tickets that are purchased in advance. Some airlines allow you to reserve them up to 320 days ahead of time. If you know for sure you are going to travel on a specific day this can be an excellent way for you to save money.

Another way to receive a discount on an airline ticket is to purchase it in a package along with hotel accommodations and other travel needs. If a student has a specific location other than home this could be another alternative for them to save money on their long trips.

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