10 Most Unusual Towns in the World

A town is a region which is more significant than a village and smaller than a city. There are thousands of cities in the world where we live. Each town has its significance and diversity. However, some cities in this world have turned out to be extraordinarily diverse and unique from the others. These towns include those built to look like other towns, and those made and then not populated. As every town has its own story, we have a list of the ten most unusual cities in the world.

Chefchaouen, Morocco:

Chefchaouen, Morocco
One of the most beautiful towns in Morocco, Chefchaouen is entirely blue. There are a lot of stories as to why Chefchaouen is blue, but the beauty of the city leaves every traveller stunned! With not many places to visit in the town, Chefchaouen itself is the sight for its travellers. At every turn, there is a new exquisiteness to the hues of blue, a unique mosaic pattern that captivates every traveller visiting this town.
  • The Villages, Florida: The uniqueness of The Villages, which is a town in Florida, is that it is built only for retired people. It is a huge town with an area which is greater than Manhattan. The Villages holds a Guinness World Record for assembling the longest golf cart parade in the world, with most people moving around in golf carts. Children are completely forbidden in this town as it has approximately 100,000 inhabitants who are retired people.

Longyearbyen, Norway:

Longyearbyen, Norway
In this remote Arctic town, no one has permission for being buried after their death. Longyearbyen is a town where not a burial of the dead bodies has not taken place in the local cemetery from the past 100 years. It is because the frigid temperatures of this town prohibit the corpses from properly decomposing. 

Longyearbyen has banned burials in the graveyard of the town post the influenza epidemic of 1917. The people of the town often shoot polar bears in self-defence as the local polar bear population rivals the human one. A polar bear is also sent away for its final resting spot, as its burial cannot happen in this town.

Roswell, New Mexico:

This town has been altered forever post the UFO that allegedly crashed in Roswell during the summers of 1947. It is the fifth-largest city in Mexico and is also called the 'UFO Town.' Now, Roswell has an obsession with aliens, where even the shape of the local McDonald's is like a flying saucer. UFO tourism has drawn a lot of people to this small New Mexico town. People visiting Roswell visit UFO-themed shops like the Alien Zone and turn up for the annual summer UFO Festival. Usually, the visitors drive around town in cars which have a roof rack. This helps the visitors to drive around comfortably without worrying about the space in the car.

Rennes-le-Château, France:

Rennes-le-Château, France
It is a small hillside town in France with a lot of conspiracy theories revolving around it. People say that the Holy Grail hides somewhere in this town. They also say that priest Bérenger Saunière made lavish renovations to the local Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in the 1800s to which a lot of people raised questions regarding the funding for the upgrades. A rumour says that Saunière unearthed the documents in the church's altar. Legends have claimed that these coded documents led him to the hidden treasure which he utilized to finance the renovations of the church. Bérenger Saunière is also the inspiration for the character in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.
  • Elista, Russia: This Russian city is all about Chess! Elista hosted a Chess Olympiad in 1998. The visitors can play a game on the colossal chessboard painted on the ground in the Town Square or head to Chess City, the place which hosted the chess olympiad. It is also the only Buddhist region in Europe and includes a museum of Buddhist art.
  • Whittier, Alaska: Whittier is a small remote town in Alaska. The strange thing about this town is that the whole town resides in one building of 14 levels. The aim of this was to economize on heating since the weather in Whittier is extremely cold and windy throughout the year.
  • Centralia, Pennsylvania: Centralia caught the attention of the people because of the fire that started in this town on May 27, 1962. Most of the residents of this town were sent to other places in the 1980s when a young boy fell into a sinkhole in the yard. Decades of intense underground heat was causing the pavement of the town to crumble. A few residents stuck around the town and refused to leave. It is also called as a ghost town, as this ghost town does not have a zip code anymore. Currently, approximately 10 people call this town their home.
  • Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain: Setenil de las Bodegas is a unique rock town located in the beautiful city of Spain. Here, approximately 3,000 people quite literally, live under the rock. People have been residing in this town since pre-historic times. This is because the natural caves of Setenil are perfectly fit for living quarters. This gave people an idea to because make a facade rather than building houses to keep out the summer heat and the winter cold. The town hosts many events for the residents and tourists throughout the year, such as carnivals, multi-day events, parades, concerts, food festivals, etc.

Slab City, California:

Slab City, California
Slab City is also called "The Last Free City in the USA” as there are no laws in this California town. The visitor gets to know that they have arrived in this town once they see the Salvation Mountain, which is a large installation by artist Leonard Knight. This town consists of homeless people who live in trailers without addresses, electricity, and running water and don’t pay for utilities, rent, and taxes. This town attracts a mixed crowd of RV owners and people who try to live off the grid.

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