Building a Profitable Blog: Three Tricks To Make Your Blog More Attractive

All too often, a person will develop a stellar blog idea and even write quality posts but will fail to consider the appearance of their blog and posts. Just a simple stroll through the depths of the internet will turn up plenty of well written and interesting articles that are displayed in an extremely unappealing way. Many bloggers seem to underestimate the importance of appearance when it comes to both their blogs and their blog posts. An internet audience is an exciting and complicated entity to understand and please. Because of the general nature of the internet, blogs must be both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating to be successful. So, posting amazing articles without displaying them interestingly and attractively is rarely going to work. Use these Three visual tips to develop a successful and profitable blog.

Make It Easy To Read

A blog post is all about being easy to read. Huge blocks of text are tough to understand when displayed on a computer screen. While there may be top-notch content drowning in the pool of letters on the screen, no internet reader is going to stick around to find it. Keep things simple and clear. Always keep in mind the way in which people use the internet. People scan and skip around when they read through posts on the web. By following this in mind, you can better snag a reader’s attention and create something they will actually read. Use subheadings, bullets, breaks, bolding, anything that will help to divide up the page for the reader’s eyes and make it easier for them to skim through. This may sound somewhat counter-intuitive. You are posting things to your blog because you want readers to actually read your posts. By breaking things up and making it easy to scan, you encourage readers to first take a glance at your material and then be wooed by your outstanding writing and topic.

Keep Things Short and Concise

Get to your point quickly. The internet is all about speed and efficiency. Because of this, the internet audience has become spoiled by their need for instant gratification. Readers what to know what they are getting into when they see a post by reading your exciting, alluring, and somewhat informative title.
Moreover, once they start to read a job, they want to get to the “juicy part” quickly. As a general rule blog posts should be around 300 to 700 words long, depending on the nature of the topic and the blog’s overall niche. Break up your posts into several smaller paragraphs to avoid huge blocks of text. By keeping things short and to the point, you are more likely to maintain your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Mix It Up Some

Another important aspect of blog appearance is visual interest. No visitor is going to be attracted by a blog that is boring to look at. If your blog is written in plain text with no colour, images, or multimedia, it is going to be difficult for you to maintain (or even gain) an audience. Try to include pictures in your posts. Throw in some video or multimedia posts. Pick original and appealing web themes. Keep in mind, however, that designing (or decorating) a blog can be a tricky task. Be careful not to make your webpage look clutter and disorganised. The key to attractive web design for a blog is clear and straightforward elegance.

Constructing a blog that is both engaging to read and engaging to look at can be a difficult task. But, as many of us know, appearance is essential to gaining readers and readers are necessary to making a blog profitable.

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