Stop struggling — 55 article ideas for ANY niche

However, one question I didn’t ask was whether you’re even going to make it through the three month milestone! Based on what I’ve seen just from my blogging peers, the drop-off is huge. I’m guessing three-months chose to burnout completely. I’ve also had three emails from fellow bloggers this week who actually used the term burnout when describing their motivation levels.

You are not alone

We’ve all been there. Blogging is a lot of work for very little money in the beginning. Dave Doolin from Website-In-A-Weekend likes to use a hockey stick analogy. You’ll earn almost nothing early on and then something happens and *boom*, suddenly there’s a sharp increase to your earnings.

Step To Become dot Com is just a tad over 90 days old. Like many of you, I’m a one-man show. I don’t have all the features I want nor do I have all the promotion I need. What I do have is enough fuel to keep going. What helps me that my success in previous blogs lets me know what to expect.

It’s not uncommon to start your blog site with an energized burst. You may even get additional boosts after you’ve selected a theme or returned from a conference. But can you keep your spirits up on a day to day basis?

Preventing burnout

The term burnout comes from when something like a jet engine stops burning due to a lack of fuel. Here’s some advice for keeping fuel in your tank.

Pace yourself

Sure, being ambitious is a good thing but just make sure you don’t go overboard. Biting off more than you can chew is very common in the first few months. Remember that the road to blogging success is a marathon and sprinting early on will impede your progress later.

Create a weekly schedule

It’s so easy to create a schedule yet many bloggers don’t have one. Plan how many posts you’re making a week. Then figure out which days you’re working on research, promotion, and plugins/technical updates. When you’re bored with your routine, switch things up a bit.

Take a break during the day

Don’t sit at your machine and just blog all day. Find another project to work on, watch a movie, or play a game, then come back to your blog station. I usually take 30-40 minutes to watch a TV show I missed. I promise you’ll be more productive after you recharge.

Find a blog buddy

There are many bloggers in your niche with a similar maturity. All you have to do is go to a top dog blog in your niche and look at comments posters. Just like an exercise partner, a blog buddy can motivate you on days when you’re not feeling as energetic. At the same time, the entire process can be a lot more fun when you’re partnering and learning alongside someone.

Feeling burned out from time to time is perfectly normal. The proof is the number of “dead” blogs out there (it really is over 90%). The challenge is surviving and thriving while others fall to the wayside. I’m hoping that with these tips, you’re a choice is to refuel.

Having a tough time finding the next topic to write about? Don’t feel bad; as the late Michael Jackson piped: you are not alone.

It’s actually pretty standard for bloggers to run out of ideas, have writer’s block, or just “hit a wall“. In fact, it’s the norm. Let’s get the juices flowing in your brain, shall we?

Below is a list of 54 article ideas that should give you a jump-start no matter what niche you’re in!

  1. Something you love
  2. Something you hate
  3. Something you used to love but now hate
  4. Something you used to hate but now love
  5. A new breakthrough
  6. A reliable staple
  7. A current event
  8. A past event
  9. Your goals for your site
  10. Your objectives for your site
  11. Your goals for your life
  12. Your intentions for your life
  13. What you love about blogging
  14. What you hate about blogging
  15. Your mentor
  16. Your blog buddy
  17. Your favourite article on your site
  18. Your favourite article on another site
  19. A book review
  20. A site review
  21. A product/service review
  22. Compare products/services
  23. Favourite tools of the trade
  24. Promote a partner/affiliation
  25. Your writing strategy/schedule
  26. Your commenting strategy
  27. Popular blogs you visit
  28. Up-and-coming blogs you visit
  29. Your inspiration
  30. Inspire your audience
  31. Your motivation
  32. Motivate your audience
  33. What you’re most proud of
  34. What keeps you up at night
  35. An industry trend
  36. A prediction
  37. Competition
  38. External/government factors
  39. How the economy affects your site
  40. Advice for “noobs.”
  41. Advice for “grey hairs.”
  42. Request advice
  43. Favourite lessons learned from blogging
  44. Ideal lessons learned from life
  45. Make an analogy
  46. Make an apology
  47. Demonstrate a process
  48. Describe a step-by-step approach
  49. Make a top 10 list
  50. Make a bottom 10 list
  51. Reveal a secret to success
  52. Reveal an embarrassing blunder
  53. Expose a myth
  54. Interview someone interesting
  55. Why you should question everything X has taught you

Oh yes, there are so many more I can come up with, but these should keep you busy for a while.

What would you add to the list?

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