Set Sail For Cuba - unusual and exotic country

Cuba is an unusual and exotic country that offers much for travellers to see and do.  Unfortunately, if you’re an American, you can’t experience any of it.  For the rest of the world, however, Cuba is an open and inviting country with miles of sandy beaches, warm waters, great food and welcoming locals.

And getting it is cheap and easy.  If you were from the states, you would have to fly to a coastal Mexican city, find a boat to the country, and convince a Cuban customs official to exchange not stamping your passport in for a few hundred dollars.  None of which do we recommend – even if it is quickly done.  I you’re from another country, getting to Cuba has immediately reached the same way without the need for bribes.

But flying cheaply to Mexico and taking a boat, though a great adventure, isn’t always doable for travellers with limited time.  Fortunately for them, direct flights to Cuba are cheaper than flights to just about any other Caribbean country.

Once you land in the capital, grab a taxi to any of the haciendas or upscale hotels downtown.  The rent on a room in Cuba is very cheap, and plenty of hotels that were once American owned resorts cater to the budget traveller who still wants a bit of luxury.

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