Tips for Traveling in China

China is a beautiful land full of wonder and amazement.  Anyone who has travelled to China will tell you two things about it: it’s massive, and it is memorable.  If you’re planning a visit to the Republic of China (and you should), there are a couple of tips that will help you get the most out of your visit to this exotic land.

First, consider the weather where you are going.  Unlike smaller nations that may have a consistent climate year-round, China is a vast land that encompasses snowy tundra, steamy rain forest, wind-swept planes, and sun-scorched deserts.  No, not all of China is located in areas of weather extremes but if you should check an almanack concerning the areas you plan to visit.  This will clue you into the type of clothing you should pack.

Second, make sure your traveller's insurance is up to date and covers you in China.  Not all traveller insurance companies will include visits to all areas of China.  Make sure you familiarise yourself with the specifics of your policy so that you can adjust your policy as necessary.  After all, nothing is worse than being sick and stranded in a foreign land with no way to care for your illness.

Top ten destinations in China

  • 1. Beijing - The capital and cultural centre of China.
  • 2. Shanghai - The largest city, famed for its riverside cityscape.
  • 3. Xi'an - Home of the Terracotta Warriors.
  • 4. Hong Kong - a Shopping paradise.
  • 5. Guilin - Scenic city with sensational mountain and river scenery.
  • 6. Guangzhou - A prosperous and liberal city near Hong Kong.
  • 7. Chengdu - Hometown of China Giant Panda.
  • 8. Hangzhou - Beautiful city with lake view.
  • 9 Suzhou - An ancient city famous for canals and gardens
  • 10 Sanya - A tropical town with a beautiful sand beach

Getting to China Cheaply

Booking a great adventure to an exotic Oriental land has never been easier.  With China on the verge of becoming the next economic super-power and a world leader in the technology industry, it was inevitable that the country would also see a boom in the tourism trade.  And now that laws and restrictions concerning western visitors have relaxed, the time for your holiday to China is now.

With a land mass more significant than any other nation on the planet it is easy to get to China from any spot in the globe.  Whether you are flying from Europe, the Americas, or Australia, you can be sure to find a daily flight which routes through any of the large cities in the Republic of China.  And with so many regular trips into the country, you can be sure to find great deals.  In fact, during the offseason, many of the significant carriers into Hong Kong and Beijing offer steep discounts on airfare.

Once you’ve arrived in the Republic of China, you’ll find that travelling around the country is easy and cheap too.  Taxis in the city are competitively priced, car rental is cheap at the airports, and trains and buses can take you anywhere in the country for pennies a mile.

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