Visit Canada - cheap vacation

Looking for a cheap vacation but haven’t nailed down where you want to go yet?  Canada provides a unique holiday destination that many people don’t consider or pass over in favour of something more “exotic.”  This is, of course, a mistake.  Canada has a wealth of activities for vacationers of all types.  Whether it is exploring the Canadian Rockies in the west, sea fishing off the coasts, or shopping in any of the major metropolitan centres, Canada is an excellent place for a holiday – and it’s cheap too?

You have a few choices for reaching Canada on a budget.  First is entering from the south.  Canada shares its southern border with the United States.  This border is the longest in the world.  A cheap flight to any American border city and then a quick bus or train trip north will save you money if you are trying to reach parts in the centre of Canada.  A second option, when you want to fly direct, is to land at one of the sea-port towns on the east or west coast of the continent.  These are usually cheaper destinations regarding flying.  After you fall, if you were inclined to go inland, you could easily find trains or buses into the interior of Canada.

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