Soy Beans - Good Source of Protein

Soybeans contain complete protein. Soybeans also provide little or no fat and have virtually no cholesterol. Being a plant protein, soy is free of steroids and antibiotics.

Vegetarians love soy protein as it provides a comparable if not better source of protein as compared to its animal counterpart. It contains a protein that is easier to digest and is similar to most protein supplements.

Soybeans are very versatile. Various cuisines, especially Asian ones recognise the value of soybean. A variety of foods are soy based for example tofu, Soya milk, and meat substitutes.

Soybeans are easy to grow and harvest, they will become pretty much anywhere and produces much in a little time.

Soy is low in fat and can be used as a substitute for most protein sources. For example, when cooking, you may use soy substitutes instead of flour for a low-fat alternative. This makes it an excellent choice for those that are looking to lose weight without compromising their protein requirements.

Bodybuilders are also reaping the benefits of soy protein. It is very advisable to stick to natural protein rather than rules protein as prepared foods typically have some risk attached to them. The excellent use of this food can be associated with how it perfectly fits into anyone low-fat, high-protein diet.

Soy products are also a significant source of other nutrients which benefit the body such as saponins and isoflavones. Saponins help support a healthy immune system. It also consolidates with cholesterol to avoid increased absorption of cholesterol in the body. Isoflavones are antioxidants and prevent the effects of free radicals in the body. Also, they prevent many of the signs of ageing and have been known to help prevent cancer

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