7 Steps To Become a Sushi Restaurant Business

If you are interested in starting a business, then you can consider starting a sushi restaurant business. The love for sushi has grown beyond where it was originated from – Japan; now people in United States of America and the rest of the world now crave for sushi. The truth is that establishing a sushi restaurant is indeed a profitable venture and it requires a minimal startup capital.
Sushi is a type of Japanese food that consists of cooked vinegared rice (brown or white rice) combined with other ingredient such as vegetables, raw fish, meat, seafood, and tropical fruits. Sushis are often served with ginger or soy sauce, et al.

Now let us quickly go through the 7 sure fire tips to follow to be able to start your own sushi restaurant from the scratch, and then grow it to multiple outlets in different cities within record time;

Starting a Sushi Restaurant – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies
The first and most important steps you need to take before starting your on sushi business is to conduct your own feasibility studies. The truth is that the report you get from your feasibility studies guides you in taking the right business decisions.
As a matter of fact, you are expected to have an idea of the total amount required to setup a standard sushi restaurant in your choice location, how to attract customers and how to manage your sushi business. In some instances, the report you get from your feasibility studies will show whether you are ready to start and run your own sushi restaurant in your city or not.
2. Write Your Business Plan
Now that you have a good idea of all it takes to start a sushi restaurant in your city, the next step you are to follow is to go ahead to write a good business plan that will guide you in setting up, managing and expanding your sushi restaurant. Part of the strategy you need to capture in your business plan should be the strategy on how to structure and expand the business. If your intention is to grow your sushi restaurant beyond one outlet to other cities, then you must put plans in place to either sell franchise or establish and manage new outlets yourself. Here’s a sample restaurant business plan template you can use for FREE.
3. Learn How to Make Different Types of Sushi
There are different types of sushi and it will be to your advantage to have all the available varieties of sushi in your menu. It wouldn’t cost you much to learn how to make different types of sushi; you can understudy someone who knows how to make different types of sushi, you can learn from “How to Videos”, and you can also learn from Sushi Menu Book. The most important thing is that you should be able to give your customers different options whether they are vegetarian or not.
4. Raise Your Startup Capital
Establishing a sushi restaurant requires moderate startup capital. The area where you might need large amount of money is in renting or leasing a facility to be used for your restaurant. All you have to do is to get an estimate of the capital required for setting up a sushi restaurant in your city, and then set target on how to raise the capital. You can get the estimate from your feasibility studies. The truth is that raising startup capital is not as easy as it sounds; you might have to stretch yourself beyond your limit when sourcing for money to fund your business. The truth is that if you believe in the business idea, you would do all it takes to finance it.
5. Secure a Space for Your Sushi Restaurant
One important factor that will determine the success of your sushi restaurant is the location you choose to establish the restaurant. When shopping for a facility to be used for your sushi restaurant business, it is imperative that you choose a location that is in the heart of town; an area that is densely populated.
Also, ensure that your restaurant is well positioned and it is attractive and appealing. Wherever you choose to establish your restaurant, ensure that you install a signage that will indicate the kind of restaurant you run.
6. Hire Employees
Of course starting a sushi restaurant means that you will make provision for employees in your business plan. You would need to employ chefs, waiters / waitress, and you would also need to employ cleaners and security men / women. If you want to keep your customers coming back and also bringing their friends and family members, then you must ensure that you make provision for training your staffs and also install quality control system that will help you maintain good quality.
7. Map out Strategies on How to Grow the Business
If your intention of starting your own sushi restaurant is to build a restaurant business just like McDonalds or KFC, then you must map out marketing strategies on how to grow your restaurant. The truth is that if your customers are always satisfied whenever they visit your sushi restaurant, then it this makes it easier for you to expand the business because your satisfied customers would help you with free word of mouth adverts. So ensure that you put in place plans to sell your franchise in the nearest future.

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