Tiny House Living: What Do You Need?

Tiny House Living
Tiny House Living

If you want to start living in a tiny house, you will need to know how to manoeuvre your way into that. After all, it is not always easy to transition from all the space that you had in your regular house to the tiny living space, that is only a fraction of what you had. Due preparation is necessary. Most importantly, you should know what you will need and what you will not. Granted, you will have to make some sacrifices, but in the end, when you see the amount of money that you will be saving on reduced bills, you will know it was worth it.

But first, here are six things that you need for tiny house living:

A washer and dryer combined

Having a tiny house is not an excuse not to be clean. Besides, this being a small space, dirty clothing can really cause a stink. If your tiny house is mobile, you will not likely have time for taking your laundry to a laundromat. However, you can always buy a washer-dryer combo and clean your clothes easily.

Minimal space is the reason why you need a washer dryer combo. You simply cannot have a washer and dryer standing side by side, because they will take too much space. A washer-dryer combo will cost you a good amount of money, but then it is built to last a long time, so you will eventually get more than your money’s worth.

You will need hooks – a lot of them

There is not all that space to spare. That is why you will need hooks in every place that you can have one. When you have plenty of hooks, you can hang many items round an about, thus reducing clutter. However, be careful not to have the hooks where they can put you in harm’s way. The last thing that you want is to have hooks grabbing your shirt as you move along. Have hooks in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the living room. That way, you can hang umbrellas, coats, hats, cooking pots and other utensils and so on. With well-placed hooks, it is as if you will be creating extra space for your personal items.

A pullout couch

Now, when you live in a tiny house, it is not your ticket to become mean and selfish. You will still need to entertain friends every now and then. That is why you need a pullout couch, which can also be a good extra bed for your guests or family. During the day, it is a sofa to sit on and during the night, you just pull it out into a bed.

You can buy a futon because it is comfortable and it does not consume as much space as a loveseat or a pullout sofa. However, an option is viable as long as it will create an extra bed and leave some manoeuvring space.

A refrigerator

This is perhaps the most important appliance and one that experts recommend you to think about when designing your house. It is big and you need it to preserve your food. Thus, thinking about it during the design of the tiny house will allow you to have a good space for it. You can have a large fridge built-in somewhere under the stairs.

If you did not include the fridge in the design of your tiny house, you can just buy one that can fit under the kitchen counter. Whatever fridge you buy, just do not buy an oversized rig. It will not only look out of place but it will also consume lots of space.


You can get a stovetop with two burners if yours is truly a tiny house. However, if you can fit in one with four burners, it is much better because you can cook more dishes faster. For baking, ensure that the stove also has an oven. A propane gas cooker is the best for your needs at home, especially if you cook a lot. Try a mobile stove top that you can remove and put away when you are not using it.

Secure your tiny house

Most people forget this very important fact. Just because it is a tiny house, it does not mean that vandals and burglars will overlook it in their evil schemes. The tiny size means there are even fewer places to hide your valuables. If yours is not a mobile tiny house, get an alarm system, security lights and even a CCTV camera where applicable. Invest in a system that allows you to monitor your home through your mobile when you are on the move.

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