5 Types of Floor Tiles For Newly Constructed Kitchen

Newly Constructed Kitchen

You are putting all your heart and resources in renovating the kitchen in the best way possible. The idea of fancy kitchens often fascinates most of the home owners as it is the most dear place around the house, because of all the food stored inside it. So, it is pretty much obvious that you would like your kitchen to give you pleasing vibes. One of the most important aspects of kitchen renovation has always been types of floor tiles. The materials are present in abundance and the more people explore them, they become confused. However, what they ignore is the fact that buying tiles for the kitchen floor requires a proper understanding of what you want. If you are unclear about your own specifications, then here are some tips based on the tiles that are appropriate for every kind of activity level in the kitchen and your personal requirement.

1. Ceramic Tile - Overall Best

Ceramic has been an extremely popular choice when it comes to floor tiles for quite a long while now. It has been able to earn the current reputation because of resilience and the wide range of style options that one can enjoy while opting for this. If the ceramic tile is properly grouted and sealed, it has the potential to resist any kind of kitchen spill. It is also basically hard rock, so you won't ever have to worry about foot traffic as well. Although installing a ceramic tile might sound easy, considering the fact that all you need is some mortar and tiles, but if you ever prefer to do it on your own, you will feel that it is not an easy DIY thing. The installation of standard ceramic tile is an art because the harder a tile is, the more difficult it becomes to level it down to the specified point.

2. Saltillo Tile - For Best Appearance

If you want your kitchen floor to shine out at all times, then Saltillo can be your best bet that comes in various shapes, colours and finishes. The icing on the cake with this type of tile is the fact that it is handcrafted to perfection for ultimate beauty and durability. Apart from that, these tiles can be your biggest saviour against tough stains as they are easy to clean up if in case you host a large gathering in your house. You will always be in for a real deal with as all you need is to invest on Saltillo tile installation, the tile will handle the rest for you.

3. Sheet Vinyl - Best Economical Kitchen Flooring

When you think of tiles for kitchen, you always have two things in mind; it should have the ability to shed water and withstand heavy traffic. This is where sheet vinyl shows its magic. The water stands on the vinyl floor for as long as it evaporates and thus this also protects the subfloor and finishing. It is relatively easy to install as sheet vinyl come in wide rolls which just needs to be positioned correctly according to your floor.

4. Vinyl Tile - The Ideal Do It Yourself Choice

It usually comes in classic 12'x12' sizes which can be installed by homeowners on their own if they just peel off the paper at the back and stick the tile to the floor. Vinyl flooring tile has come a long way and has beaten the option of Mexican tile installation. It transformed from faux stone tiles with basic black and white colors to more rich richer and deep colors that also provide realistic textures. Apart from that they also stick longer to the floor with fewer curling edges.

5. Engineered Flooring - Best For Wood Look

People have their speculations regarding hardwood for kitchen flooring. But to tackle all the challenges faced by wood previous - especially from water, engineered wood flooring can ultimately be your top choice. Going into the details of its structure, the top layer is hardwood veneer, and below that falls a high-grade, dimensionally stable plywood.

Author: Justin is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the latest home improvement trend.

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