5 Creative and Smart Brand Building Strategy

Smart Brand Building Strategy

At the time of looking for a cold drink, do you ask for a cola or a Coke? While thinking of getting clicked, do you ask for a camera or a Nikon?

These terms are nothing but proprietary eponyms which are at the apogee of the awareness of brand. Even though they are not achievable through the business, that does not mean that you can’t do a lot more for boosting your brand awareness.

In order to delve deeper into this, let us first understand what brand building is?

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is something that cannot be defined by one definition. According to many, brand building mainly involves ways to communicate and expose your brand. However, that is just one side of it.

Brand building can be best defined as a process to create value for the customers. It is a comprehensive concept encompassing everything that the customers know, feel and experience about the business.

So here are some of the tips that can assist you to build a solid brand. Just take a look.

Define the Unique Positioning of Your Brand – You should start by clarifying that what makes you stand out and why your customers are the happiest. Here are some questions that you should be considering.

  • What the purpose of the business is?
  • How do you assist the customers? How you make a difference in their lives?
  • How your brand is different from others?

What are the unique credentials of your company starting from production, your team to the qualifications?
Smart Brand

You should distil the answers in 2-3 sentences which sum upto what is the best for the company? You should consider that as the cornerstone of the brand positioning.
  • Go for Referral Programs – Users will spread the word about your service or product if they know they will get something extra. Dropbox happens to be a great smart referral program example. For every friend that they refer, Dropbox provides an extra 500 MB space, storage space to its customers. This can go upto 16 GB. Back when the Dropbox used to be a newbie, this referral program had helped in generating a plethora of word-of-mouth for this brand. This delivered and still delivers a huge number of sign-ups and have saved Dropbox a huge amount of advertising dollars.
  • Tell a Compelling Story – Developing and sharing a great narrative is like telling and crafting a real good story. You must share it and let the others hear it. First, you should start with creating an outline that is informed by your business strategy and purpose. The characters in the story and how you say it should be guided by the personality traits and principles that you follow as the CEO of the company.
  • Balance the Media Mix Online – You should work towards building your brand through a variety of channels. You should use content and display networks for building the brand through reiteration. You should get your ads out to the target audience using a plenitude of targeting types like site specific targeting, re-messaging and behavioural targeting. From an organic perspective, ensure that your messaging and your brand name are consistent in the meta descriptions and the title descriptions. Apart from that, also make sure that your messaging is consistent with the brand through the buying cycle. This way you can make your customers recall and recognise your brand. This will make your brand the first preference when consumers are thinking of making a purchase.
  • Create Events that Are High-Profile – You can organise an event that is relevant to your brand. For example, if yours is a clothing or a show fashion line, you can organise events like fashion shows for introducing your offerings to the target audience. These have worked since time immemorial have actually assisted in enhancing the brand visibility. What’s more, these have also provided fantastic videos boosting the visibility and influence of your brand. Moreover, it also provides content for the writing and video. You should go for furniture and bar hire if you want to achieve the perfect décor for your event without digging a hole in the pocket.
The above are some of the creative ways that can assist you to bolster and make it big with your brand which is bound to result in more conversions and revenue enhancement for your business.

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