Watch the World Hockey Championships and get 1xBet bonus

 Watch the World Hockey

You probably already know that the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship is taking place in Slovakia from 10 to 26 May. The Swedish team protects the champion title the second time. One of the most famous bookmakers accepts bets on hockey. Most active bettors will get 1xBet bonus.

We remind that 16 teams take part in the tournament: 14 represent Europe, two more are from North America. The teams are divided into two groups of 8 teams, where they will hold a one-round tournament. Group A games will be held at the Steel Arena in Kosice. And Group B will be hosted by the Ondrej Nepel Arena in the city of Bratislava.

The official mascot of the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship was the bear which playing hockey.

Prior to this, the World Championship was held in Slovakia in 2011, Finland won gold medals then, and the Slovakian team took 10th place in the tournament.

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2019 World Ice Hockey World Championship: leaders and outsiders

As you know, the rules of the game are as follows: one of the worst teams of each group falls into Division I. It should be noted that Switzerland, as the owner of the next World Cup, cannot fly out. Their places next year will be taken by Kazakhstan and Belarus.

From each group to the next round comes out on the top four. This eight forms a grid of playoffs, where games will be done right through.
The first days of the championship

Only in the match between the national teams of Germany and Denmark was it difficult to name the favorite. In the end, the Germans won with a minimum advantage - 2: 1. In other matches of Group A, whose games take place in Kosice, the US team beat the French - 7: 1, the Canadian team defeated the British - 8:0.

In turn, the Russian team won the second victory, beating the Austrians with a score of 5: 0. You can predict the outcome of matches in hockey in 1xBet. You can also get not only a prize but also a profitable 1xBet bonus.
What matches are expected in the future

The scoreboard shows that participants of the final stages will be determined by April 23. After that, until the end of the month, events defining events of the championship will take place:
  • Quarter-finals - May 23 (time will be known later)
  • Semifinal - May 25 (time will be known later)
  • Match for third place-May 26. 4:45 pm
  • The Final - May 26th. 21:10

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