How Substance Abuse Can Destroy a Relationship

Many discussions focus on the psychological and physical effects of substance abuse. Of equal importance is how substance abuse affects one’s social health and wellness. Social health is your relationships and the capability to sustain healthy, gratifying connections.

Taking care of social health will result in personal success, improve self-esteem, and lead to a happy life. According to a study, self-esteem is essential for mental health. However, with substance abuse, all kinds of relationships will be under a huge strain.
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The damage that comes with substance abuse

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Indeed, you can’t combine substance abuse and relationships as it produces horrible results. Being an addict makes you keep secrets from your loved ones because of the strong feelings of guilt, fear of judgment, and shame. It is one of the hardest things I had to put up with.

Why? Typically, you think that your loved ones will not understand you or accept your situation. Have you ever lied about where you’re, why your money is missing, or who you’re with? You are not alone, I know it because I was once there.

Secrecy costs relationships a lot and talking from experience, I witnessed the complete isolation and distancing that comes with it. I was in my world, not bothering about my family. Because of secrecy that comes with addiction, my family had trust issues as they thought that I had no loyalty, honesty, and respect. How sad?

Anger and violence become part of you, which in turn damages your relationship further. I felt that my family ignored me. At this stage, any small thing irritates and may cause violence.

In extreme cases, some addicts can sexually assault or abuse those around them. Are you experiencing such abuse? Reach out to dordulian law group. Besides protecting you from further trauma, they will fight for your justice and compensation.

In an attempt to help an addict, you may find yourself taking responsibility for the addict’s behaviour, accept blame, or make excuses. It’s frustrating because you’re responsible for his actions.

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How to overcome substance abuse and repair your relationship?

Is there hope for an addict? Yes, there is hope, but you need to make up your mind, focus, and willing to overcome addiction.

You can go for individual therapy to help you end substance use. It is the first step to repair your relationship as addiction counseling helps you understand the impact of addiction on your social health.

Your loved ones can go for therapy to gain education on substance abuse and understand their roles in your recovery. Family counseling will help you and your family/partner/friends, you will learn healthier ways to live with one another. You can join a support group to help you face and fight your fears as you recover.


My family gave me hope of recovering because they were there for me. I regret not telling them about my addiction early. Therefore, make your family your support system, and you’ll beat addiction.

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