Estrogens and Memory Loss in Women

Memory Loss in Women

Are you having problems very often remembering where did you actually put your keys? Or maybe you are forgetting the names of your classmates over and over again. These problems can happen in women when they are having memory loss issues, aka menopause. Don’t worry if you are going through short term memory loss, it’s really common with mature women and it can be dealt with easily. Let’s make it a bit more clear why you actually have memory loss during menopause.

The Brain and The Memory

As we all know, memory is a perplexing system. It gets so confusing to understand how we actually access and store such monstrous measures of data inside our minds. However, what’s this thing called menopause that stops our memory to remember things, what is it that triggers memory problems?

Our memories go through three stages when they are conducting any work: retention, registration, and recall. Do you know why children always remember poems and songs very easily? It’s because they remember or repeat things over and over again after observing. In our short-term memory, we also keep information just like that way.

The shortage of Estrogen can take place when a woman is starting to go through menopause. It may happen due to various physical issues or when she goes through any sudden operation such as hysterectomy. When the level of estrogen gets lower, she starts to have memory problems, loss of attention, trouble finding words, and mood swings as well. These problems can be diagnosed by taking supplements such as estrosmart from YW , nutrition, drug therapies, and hormone replacement.

How Estrogen Influences the Brain?

There are few sites in our brain that store estrogen, as well as in our memory. Estrogen activates those sites in order to activate brain functioning which is beneficial for our brains. In fact, estrogen helps to develop brain chemicals. Estrogen also helps the nerve cells to get connected in a better form.

Most Common Symptoms of Estrogen Deficiencies

  • Depression
  • Mental fuzziness
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Dull skin
  • Dry skin, eyes, and vagina
  • Weight gain
  • Pain during intercourse

Medical Treatments for Estrogen Deficiencies or Menopause
A cautious history may separate estrogen-related intellectual issues from those related to different conditions. A woman may have many other problems during menopause that are treatable such as hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, etc. neuropsychological examinations can come in handy at this point, to determine the nature of the psychological problem. Similarly, testing will build up an intellectual gauge for further examination and the choices you have for treatment rely upon the reason or reasons for your memory loss.

Bioidentical hormone replacement is the best treatment available for menopause memory loss. Besides, you can take synthetic and hypothyroid estrogen replacement therapy for the problem. Also, there are many nutritional supplements and therapies that can be incorporated to support a female body’s hormone balance.

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  2. Hi,
    You are very right and got a good point . Most of the time mature or old age women can not recover their memory . I know it is normal but sometimes it has a bad result or side effect on them . They suffering some psychological problems like they thinking that they are ill or something deep like they will be die very soon .
    I hope science will inventioned a new way one day and our grand parent will happy in their last days .
    Thanks bro for your nice blog .