Why Acero steel crowns are preferred in restoring multisurface cavities?

Acero steel
Stainless steel crowns help restore decayed or damaged baby teeth(milk teeth). They are primarily suitable for posterior milk teeth. Since it has a silvery or steel appearance and can irritate the gum, it is not preferable for the front teeth. An Acero steel crown originates from surgical-grade stainless steel and repels corrosion. They take the natural shape of teeth most accurately with less tooth reduction. Here are a few benefits of using Acero steel crowns and why it is excellent for countering multisurface cavities:

1. Cost-effective

A pediatric dental crown costs between $150-$250. The price varies depending on the material used, the provider, and the tooth that needs fixing. When you need the crown for multisurface cavities, the cost will increase. In some cases, the insurance company might cover a significant portion of the cost, but if not, it is a considerable amount. The price of the Acero steel crown is less than that of other brands and, hence, is easily accessible for multisurface cavities. An Acero stainless steel pediatric crown starts as low as $18. Another factor for cost is the additional cost incurred for replacing damaged crowns. Acero crowns are more durable than other manufacturers ( see Point 4 of this article). Therefore, you pay only once for fitting the crown as it has a longer life.

2. Laser-accurate sizes and shapes

Laser-accurate sizes and shapes
Acero steel pediatric crowns are laser-made, making them highly resistant to plaque and are antibacterial. The Acero steel crowns are biocompatible and have the same texture as the natural teeth and, therefore, don’t damage the original teeth. They modify themselves to the tooth’s shape and don’t cause any leakage. According to the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry), if a baby’s tooth is heavily decayed, restore it using a stainless steel crown. The laser precision allows the Acero crown to fit nicely along the natural gingival line of the baby milk teeth. Thus, all surfaces of the teeth get adequate protection from cavities. Also, such a precise shape of the stainless steel crown allows the Acero dental crown to be used in post-root canal treatment to temporarily restore adult first molars.

3. An ideal choice for kids who need General Anesthesia.

kids who need General Anesthesia
General anesthesia is helpful in creating an optimal environment to treat uncooperative children. It provides optimal conditions to treat children with high risk of caries, high failure rates of composite restorations, etc. Stainless steel crown restorations are successful after pulp capping and ferric sulfate pulpotomy techniques and are useful in treating deep carious lesions.

4. Adaptability:

Though stainless steel crowns can find their use frequently for adult cases, they are also suitable for child patients. However, Acero steel crowns are very beneficial in cases like old adults and pregnant women where they can’t spend that much time in the chair and can’t tolerate long and multiple appointments. They have a success rate of 96% compared to other crown materials.

5. Durability:

One of the key USPs of Acero stainless steel crowns is their durability. Acero steel crowns originate from surgical-grade 316L stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant. It is more durable than the 304 stainless steel used by other manufacturers. As a result, Acero steel crowns have a longer life than dental crowns. The material is autoclave-proof, meaning the crown remains intact with negligible waste even when dentists sterilize it. Because of its high durability, Acero dental crowns can protect your teeth from further decay over many years, thus preventing any cavities.

6. Easy placement and better mastication

One of the challenges of posterior dental crowns is their difficulty in fitting in place in the oral cavity due to the complex contours of the molars and premolars. If the dental crown's shape is improper, it can lead to problems in chewing and speaking. Therefore, especially for pediatric dental crowns, you must choose a brand that gives your kid comfort while eating and speaking. 

Acero steel crowns are pre-contoured and preformed with shallow bell-shaped anatomy so that the dentist can fit them on your tooth without shaving off the tooth surface for placement. They have an optimal thickness to protect from wear and tear during mastication. Also, the multisurface contouring minimizes gaps between teeth that prevent food from getting stuck between teeth, thus preventing cavities from forming. Acero steel crowns do not cause any bleeding because of their exact shapes.


If you are looking for high-quality and affordable crown options, then Acero stainless steel crowns are a superior choice for your child. Their main advantages are the excellent quality of steel, laser-accurate contouring, and increased durability that protects the tooth from multiple surfaces and prevents the formation of cavities in your teeth. Apart from the above factors, Acero steel crowns are 100% compatible with other leading brands and are safely interchangeable with other brands of crowns.

You should always prepare yourself for any kind of procedure. Go through Dental CE online once to ensure you know everything related. If you plan to invest in high-quality steel crowns at an affordable price, then the Acero steel crown is the answer for you.

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