10 Steps to Become a Business Make Money with During the FIFA 2026 World Cup


Top 10 Quick Business to Make Money with During the FIFA 2025 World Cup

1. Private accommodation

If you are living in the host country and close to one of the match venues, you can make money by setting up a motel or bed-and-breakfast lodge for visiting soccer fans. Many of them would settle for your offer, no matter how mediocre, because there would be no available slots in the standard hotels. If there are spare rooms in your house, you can turn them into money-spinners while the World Cup lasts.

2. Resell accommodation

This business is suitable for you whether you are living in the host country or you are a visitor. All you need to do is buy as many hotel and motel slots as possible long before the World Cup starts, when the prices are quite cheap. Then sell the slots for higher prices when the World Cup is few weeks or days away. You can make as much as 300% profit per sale because most visiting fans would have no other option than to buy, or they will have nowhere to lodge.

3. Sell merchandise

This is another idea suitable for both natives and visitors. You can make lots of profit selling merchandise such as soccer jerseys, kits, match schedules, and other items that fans love to buy. For example, during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, several thousands of fans bought the Vuvuzela, a local flute that produces a very loud noise that some people find very annoying.

4. Body painting

Ever seen football fans with coloured faces? They paid to have their faces painted in colours they choose. Most of the time, fans paint their faces or bodies in colours of their national flags or team jerseys. So if you are very good at body painting, you too can make money by rendering your services to soccer-crazy fans. All you need to start are your paints and brushes.

5. Food and snacks

Aside watching live soccer, fans would definitely have a feel of the food experience in the host country. If you have great culinary skills, you can make money by starting a mini-restaurant that caters to soccer fans during the World Cup. Better yet, you can make snacks or buy them in bulk; and sell them to hungry fans that need something to munch before and after the matches.

6. Tourist guide

People visit the World Cup host country basically to watch live soccer. But there is much more to their motives than meets the eye. Tourism is another major reason why people leave their countries. If you are living in the host country, you can make a lot of money during the World Cup by taking visiting fans around on tours. They will pay you well for taking them around the fascinating places and sceneries.

7. Photography

Wherever people go, they love to take photographs to preserve memories of their visit. If you are skilled photographer, you can make lots of profit by taking shots for soccer fans during the World Cup. Another idea for making money as a photographer is to take pictures of fascinating sights and sceneries in the host country and sell them to soccer fans.

8. Entertainment

If you are an artiste, an acrobat, a clown, a musician, or some other kind of entertainer, your skills can fetch you lots of cash during the World Cup. Organize daily shows targeted at visiting soccer fans and give them all the amusement they want. When they are not watching soccer, many soccer fans find other ways to enjoy themselves. If your show gives what they want, you’d wish that World Cup never ends.

9. Writing and designing cardboards and placards

Are you good at writing and designing? Then you can make a lot of money designing placards and writing text on cardboards for soccer fans. You’d have seen fans carrying cardboards and placards with various inscriptions such as “WE NEED THREE GOALS.” Some of them paid to have those inscriptions written for them.

10. Selling flags

During a soccer match, you’d have seen fans brandishing their national flags. Most of them didn’t bring the flags with them from home; they bought them right at the stadium. You too can make a fortune by selling flags of different countries. If you will be selling at one match venue only, check the fixtures to know which countries would be playing at the venue (so that you will know which flags to sell).

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