Wild season of the UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League
The football season that has recently ended was marked with a lot of sensations in the UEFA Champions League. Early departures of favorites, comebacks, new names, introduction of the VAR system — all this has made the tournament truly unforgettable. If previously Real Madrid won with the class, then this season there was a tense struggle in each of the rounds.

Unexpectedly for many, one of the main newsmakers of the season was Ajax Amsterdam, which managed to knock the main contenders for the final triumph - Real and Juventus - out of the tournament. The young team showed bright and attacking football, which did not leave even neutral fans indifferent.

There has long been no such loud sensations in the UEFA Champions League’s games. The current season has once again shown why we love this tournament. Such emotions can be experienced only here.

Tottenham also pleasantly surprised the audience. The team, which has serious personnel problems, managed to first surpass the equal Borussia Dortmund, and after that in an incredible two-game standoff to leapfrog Manchester City. The lack of personnel hurt the Spurs exactly in the semifinal duel against Ajax.

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If we talk about Barcelona, then in the season 2018/19 the team finally managed to overcome the curse of the quarterfinals, which doomed it for several seasons in a row. Moreover, the Catalans won against all their rivals very confidently, resolving the issue regarding the following promotion within the first match. Among the team's trump cards, that allowed it to perform so successfully in the main club tournament of the Old Continent, we can single out the following:

  • cool selection of players;
  • well-chosen tactical schemes;
  • personal skills of the leaders.

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