10 Steps To Become Low Capital Small Business Ideas for Golf Courses

Top 10 Low Capital Small Business Ideas for Golf Courses

1. Sell discounted or used golf equipment on EBay

EBay is an online marketplace where people shop for items that are hard to find. You can purchase discounted golf items from wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidation companies and sell them on EBay. Similarly, you can buy used golf equipment (from people who no longer need them and are willing to sell them for cheap) and sell at higher prices on EBay.

2. Open your own online golf gear store

While there are already many online stores that sell golf equipment, you can break into the market successfully by focusing on a specific niche—at least for a start. For example, you can start by selling just golf gears or golf balls. This way, you will be able to attract potential customers who are looking to buy these items online. For your inventory, you may contact manufacturers, wholesalers, and liquidation companies.

3. Become a golf trainer

People interested in one sporting activity or another usually approach personal trainers to learn the skills of that sport. The same runs true for golf. You can make money by teaching beginners how to play golf.
Though most personal trainers work in fitness centers, there are many other locations where you can offer your services. It all boils down to where your clients prefer. And it’s better to give them multiple options. Some clients prefer to have their training right in their own homes, while others prefer outdoors. If you have enough space in your home, that’s another option.

4. Install backyard putting greens

More and more golf enthusiasts are installing putting greens and practice areas in their backyards. Aside that these provide cheap entertainment, they also create a visually alluring landscape. Since many golfers spend money to landscape their yards and often pay huge transport costs to visit the golf course, they always tend to jump at the idea of investing the same money on a backyard putting green. In addition to installation, you can also offer maintenance services.

5. Become a golf instructor

If you prefer a home-based business, then you can become a golf instructor rather than a trainer. As an instructor, you can teach private lessons at home. You may also decide to meet clients at a different location.

6. Start a mini golf business

Mini golf is for kids who love to play golf. It provides a great opportunity for them to master the game before starting the real version. If you enjoy working with kids or want to provide entertainment for families, you can start a mini golf course.

7. Write a golf tips ebook

Many beginner golfers want to learn how to improve their skills and play the game better, but they don’t want to pay for an expensive class. They will rather settle for a book or something similar. You can make huge profits by writing and selling an ebook that teaches golf skills. Writing and producing an ebook is much cheaper for the author, and publishing an ebook is much faster than publishing a physical book.

8. Teach video golf lessons online

Many beginner golfers want to learn more about the techniques of the game. But taking golf classes might be too expensive for them or might not fit well into their schedule. And ebooks, to many of them, are not “practical” enough. Online video courses will help such beginners learn the game in the comfort of their homes, at their own convenience, and for low cost. So, you can package and sell video clips of different golf swings, common mistakes, golf game strategies, etc.

9. Open a golf store franchise

You can open a brick-and-mortar retail store that sells golf equipment. To make huge profits, get your inventory cheap from wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidation companies. A location close to a golf course is ideal.

10. Open a golf school

If you have great teaching procedures and can implement effective marketing strategies, you can make huge profits by starting a golf training school where beginners can learn and master the game within a specific period.

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