9 Steps To Become a Cyber Security Monitoring Company

Starting a Cyber Security Monitoring Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Research
This is a highly technical field of human endeavor. If you are not already a player in this industry, you will need to do more to understand some of the technicalities involved. However, you may just be the initiator of the business and not necessarily the technician or engineer or the IT guru.
But even at that some information about happenings will help shape your understanding and give you a good background upon which to base your decision to start the business. The information you need during your research should not just be limited to technical details of a cyber security company but to running business generally.
2. Write Your Business Plan
A business plan is the life wire of the business, where the plan goes there the business will go. The plan should contain all the details about every aspect of the business. Vision, mission, objectives are necessary. All the needs to start should also be captured in it.
Then the financials are the most critical especially for the purpose of getting the attention of prospective investors or the banks. It will do you a world of good if you involve someone who has technical knowledge of the InfoTech and telecoms industry and business in developing the business plan alongside the consultant you might choose to work with.
3. Raise Your Startup Capital
Now that your business plan is ready you need to go and pitch to investors. Present your plan to then to raise the needed start-up capital. Do not forget that investors are particular about the financials of the business as this will show them whether your idea is worth investing in.
But if the scale at which you want o operate is not large at the initial stage then you may not need the investors. However, when the time for expansion comes you may still have to present a detailed business plan that shows the state of the business
4. Get Office Space and Equipments
As an information technology company, you are going to require a lot of high-tech gadgets for operations. The office space should be designed with a lot of care taking into account all the gadgets and wires and connections for computers and internet facilities. This is not a regular, everyday office. It might be necessary to visit other such companies to see how they are laid out. The location of the office space is equally important. You may need to site it far from where a lot of people are clustered.
5. Hire the Staff
If I say you should hire ‘nerds’ don’t take it as derogatory. Yes that is how most people see computer freaks. And really you need them as members of staff. A point of warning though, they are not your regular workers. They don’t know how to work within regimented times. They like freedom and opportunity to use their initiative when working. What you mostly need to look out for when hiring is their passion and experience. These guys hardly wear ties – take note.
But then there are other support staff members that you need to employ – drivers, office managers, accountant(s), administrative manager, Human Resources manager and so on. Again because this is a highly technical sector, working with a consultant or referrals might be necessary to get the people you need as staffers.
7. Get the Required Permits and Licenses
You must do all necessary registrations and get the permits before you start operations. Register with the various regulatory bodies in your country or state of operation as not doing so might work against you later because of taxes and levies, which filing may not be possible if you are not registered.
8. Have a Website
Definitely this line of business has to be online 24/7. Almost all your technical staff should be connected to the internet 24/7. Your own company website must be very active with enough space to accommodate all the different clients you will be serving by monitoring their own websites and other online information platforms.
9. Advertise your Company
There are numerous media platforms you can use to advertise your business. Of course the internet is critical in this regard for a business such as this. Then there are several publications that focus on information technology. Use them to advertise what you company is about and what you do. Attend related events where you can showcase your company and what you can do and if possible do a lot of demonstrations to convince prospective clients. Give out brochures and other publicity/advertising materials with detailed contact information.
If you follow the steps highlighted above you are good to go and start a cyber security monitoring company.

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