10 Steps To Become a Brewpub Business

There are countless beer brands out there. In the same vein there are loads of people whose preference differ on the type of beer to consume. Whilst some beer contains hops, some contain barley, malt, sorghum and what have you. The breweries where such drinks are made are highly industrialized areas.
In some pubs, there is a strict policy to sell a selection or even all selection of bottled beer. On the contrary there are pubs that sell only their own beer options. They create their own product in the microbrewery and they have the ability to control what they make and sell–from quality to quantity. Beer bars have a propensity to have lower startup costs, which can often mean obtaining a less expensive, fixed-price license from your state government.
If you have always nursed the ambition of brewing your own beer, then you can look to starting one with the right tips. As a result, what are the steps needed to start a brewpub?  This article proposes to opine on this. Here goes;

Starting a Brewpub – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Undertake Some Research
Staring a brewpub isn’t a task to be given to a novice. It is therefore very expedient that adequate research is done on this subject. There is plenty of information that must be garnered in order to build a successful brewing business. Know some vital information like; where to start this type of business, the processes involved, as well as other information. Also, generally study how other microbreweries started and what has kept them.
2. Draft a Business Plan
Drafting a business plan is one sure way to get thing underway. You business has to follow some set down rules that are necessary for the growth of it. If you look at some great brands around the world, you would find that most of them had some set down plans they adhere to.
Some information that must be included are; the short term plan and long term plan for your brewpub; the target audience, the gender, income level of those who may visit your pub, the amount needed to stat, amongst others. Here is a sample microbrewery business plantemplate you can use for FREE.
3. Get Trained
You couldn’t possibly awake from sleep and just decide to brew beer. You must first of all get the necessary training. It is for that reason that you must get trained in the art. Whilst, there are self help videos that may be available on the internet via YouTube; yet it still becomes necessary to get a practical experience with an expert. You can achieve this by serving at a brewery. This is so that your garner all the information on the processes involved in brewing beer.
4. Register Your Business
This isn’t the type of business to start without a license; and before you are issued one, it is mandatory to have all the necessary documents on the registration of your brewpub. You can check with the department of chamber of commerce or the corporate affairs commission as the case may be in your country. Be sure to provide the right information about your business as you complete your forms.
5. Get Your License-: Getting your license for operation is important. Therefore, if you are able to meet the requirement of registering your business name, then getting your license for business wouldn’t be a herculean task.
6. Seek Some Financing-: Since this is a small business, then you can as well turn to some banks that support small businesses for support. You may also consider pooling some startup funds from family and friends, as well as through angel investors.
7. Get a Space
Using your home as a brewpub is out of the question; except if you are able to cope with the noise that accompanies club houses. Hence, setting aside funds to rent a space for your bar is ideal. Be sure that the place you get can accommodate a bar; a place that gets a lot of foot traffic would be a great idea and an inner lounge for your numerous clients. After you are able to get a  space, the next thing to do would be to do some furnishings.
8. Procure Equipments
Some of the equipment you need for this brewpub business include; glassware, compartment sinks,taps, glass racks, and dispensing systems for beer and soft drinks, freezer, cooler for beer kegs, ice pick, ice bins, ice machine, ice scoops, dishwasher, storage cabinets, as well as display shelves. There may also be the need for kitchen equipment for the snacks and sandwiches you’re offering, and machines for making coffee drinks.
9. Hire People and Start Production
Now that things are really looking up, the next thing to do would be to hire and train the workers that would help in the production tasks. Once you are able to strike things off, then your next bet should be to start production. Be sure to produce variety of beers with different flavors for your clients
10. Advertise Your Pub
Advertising is one very important step that would cause a great boom in sales if done wisely. This re-emphasizes the need for a microbrewery marketing plan template. You can invite family and friends to try out your brews. Throw big parties and invite the general public to test your beer. You can consider offering samples to popular bloggers and other influential people online in order to generate interest in your brews. If the result to be got from this is positive then you are to expect loads of patronage.
In addition to all these, it is okay to start your microbrewery small, but always stay focused on expansion ideas, and Make sure that you are fully aware of laws, regulations and ordinances in your local area concerning alcohol production.

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