7 Steps To Become a Water Purification Company

A lot of home owners, restaurants and hotels prefer to outsource water supply from water purification companies because to them the water treatment companies provide good water treatment for the water they supply making it ultimately safe for human consumption.
Water purification also known as water treatment business is a good idea you can start and build to any limit you wish. There are several concrete reasons why you too could start your own water purification business. Human beings cannot go a day without clear water, as water is very essential for our survival. Therefore, there will always be a high demand for purified water.
Asides the initial cost of setting up a water purification company, you spend less on the everyday running of the business. This is because water which is your number one raw material can be sourced from anywhere at a very cheap cost or even free, depending on where your source is from. Now let us see how you could possibly start your own water business.

Starting a Water Purification Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Your Business Plan Is Key
A business plan is like the frame work of the business; it involves all the steps you will need to take to get your business from the idea state to a physical money making business. The first thing in your business plan should be your Company’s mission statement. In this business, you mission statement can be to provide your customers with the best purified water they can get anywhere.
The other things that should be contained in your business idea include; capital requirement needed to run the business, location of the business, licenses and permits you need to obtain from the State to run the business, employees for the company, how you intend to advertise the business and scout for permanent Customers.
2. Get a Business License-: To run a Water purification business in any state in the U.S you need to obtain a business license; the Town County in your state or the www.sba.gov to obtain details on how to apply or obtain a business license to run a business in your State.
3. Business Insurance
The State makes it mandatory that you obtain a business insurance to undertake liability for any person either directly or as a third that suffers damage as a result of consuming the water supplied by your company. Even without being made mandatory; it is cheaper to pay for business insurance premium fees, than to spend millions of dollars as settlement for law suits.
4. Lease a Space for Your Factory
If your start up capital can contain the outright purchase of a property to serve as your company’s factory site and office, then it is best. If your budget is a little tight, you can opt to start with a lease arrangement. Try to negotiate a long term lease deal, and a clause that will permit you to buy off the property in the future. After that, you will contract a Construction company to develop the land and build the site into sections to make space for various machineries that will be needed in each stage of the purification process.
5. Purchase Your Equipments
Most of your capital will be invested in acquiring equipments for your water purifying business. You need to get commercial Water Filtration systems, Ozonation system, Sea Water Desalinaton plant, Water Purifying and Softening Equipment, Bottled Water Making Equipment, and what have you. Some restaurants and hotels will prefer you supply in water in plastic bottles.
Most of these machineries cost quite a fortune to acquire, but you are sure to recover the money spent in purchasing them within few years in business. Note that   it is better for you to out rightly acquire these machineries than to lease from other companies. This is because the cost of lease over time will become higher than the actual cost of getting a brand new machine.
6. Employ Workers
You have to employ workers that will help out in all sections in the factory. For employees that will be directly involved in the purification process, ensure that they maintain high cleanliness and hygiene to ensure that they don’t contaminate the water. Employees that have prior experience working for a water purification business will be a best bet for your business. You also need employees in other departments like the Accounting department to take care of the company’s finances.
7. Advertise Your Business
Your major clients in this business are hotels, restaurants and individuals in the high brow area of the city. You have to make a least of hotel Managers in your State, as well as schedule a meeting with them propose a water supply business. These people most probably have other water purification companies that handle their water supply needs; hence you have to give them a good reason to use your company’s services. One way to do so is to offer them a price that is slightly below the normal price they get it, to serve as an incentive to make them use your services.
In addition to all these, do note that you must also continue to look for ways to make your business known. Do not relent at researching new trends in your industry. This is so that you can be at the top of your game always.

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