9 Steps To Become a Bagel Shop Business

Your shop location is very important to the success of our business. If you locate a bagel shop in a high way without a foot way, it may be difficult for you to make enough sales to remain in business but if you locate in shop in a busy side of the town near other shops and enough traffic, you will record high volume sales daily.
The success of a bagel shop is in the bagels. You need to learn various recipes for bagels and also different flavours of toppings. This will keep your customers coming back for more. There are equipments and tools needed in the preparation of bagels; you need those equipments to start your shop. Some of them include; Commercial oven, Industrial mixer, Cream cheese containers. Transparent display showcase, plates and cups, chairs and tables.
Here are the needed steps that must be adhered to in starting a bagel shop.

Starting a Bagel Shop – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Have a Business Plan
Many people will make the mistake of starting their bagel shop without having a plan on how they will operate the business. That is why most of them go out of business after a few years. You need a detailed plan of how your bagel shop will operate, on what scale you wish to operate the business, who may handle the bagel preparation, what other things you may serve with your bagel recipe, how you intend to expend your business in the coming year, as well as other vital information.
2. Business License-: You need to obtain a business license or permit to enable you setup your bagel shop. You have to visit the Town County to obtain the license. Also, pay the internal Revenue Service (IRS) a visit to obtain your TIN number for tax payment.
3. Secure a Business Loan-: There are two ways that you may possibly seek to get funds to start your bagel shop. This could be either your personal finances or loan from small business organizations.
4. Lease a Shop
The next step is to lease a place that will serve as your bagel shop. You don’t need a large space to operate this business; a small shop that can contain several tables and chairs with a back end office and kitchen where the preparation would take place is all you need. You have to apply for a long term lease with a renewal clause. You need an interior designer to design the inside of the shop and give it a relaxing environment.
5. Purchase Equipments
Some of the equipments you would need to start your bagel shop were mentioned earlier. After you lease a shop, its time to make a list of all the equipment you need and go for shopping. Remember to purchase your ingredients in bulk quantity to reduce the issue of you running out of ingredients when customers are waiting for their orders. Also, you may have to buy at cheaper price if you purchase in bulk quantity.
6. Hire Employees
Before you open your bagel shop for business, you have to hire workers that will help in running the store. You need two or three workers in the kitchen to handle the preparations. You need some folks to attend to customers, take their orders and serve them. There are no required qualifications for workers in a bagel shop as long as they can work hard to keep the shop running. However, you need to carry out a background check on your employees to ensure they don’t have history of crime or violence.
7. Additional Recipes-: In addition to serving bagels, you can introduce other recipes to your bagel shop so that people who aren’t interested in bagels could still patronise your shop. You can serve tea, coffee or soft drinks to go with the bagels.
8. Have a Small Opening-: A good way to attract regular customers to your shop is to put together a small opening event that will serve as a formal opening for your bagel shop. Invite your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to the small invite.
9. Special Variety Day-: Another way to get customers and keep them coming back for more is to map out few days weekly to serve different flavours and different toppings as a special variety for the day.
It pays really well to advertise your bagel shop; but if you are able to secure a good location in the busy part of town, you may not need to do much advert to get loyal customers to your shop, as long as you prepare tasty bagels.

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