Mailbag: Learning the hard way

This just in…
I don’t actually need anything (even a reply!) but I wanted to thank you for your excellent Website Steps To Become.

It sounds like a joke, but I prefer to do things the hard way whenever possible because it usually ends up being the most interesting and instructive way to do it. I’m pretty confident about trying most things and usually a quick study, but I’m feeling pretty slow and stupid where this project’s concerned. The saving grace is your website which at least helps me break thing down into manageable, achievable target parts. It’s already been longer than a weekend, but I’m getting there!
…and my reply

Thanks so much for your encouraging words.
I have to admit I’ve severely burnt out on the blogger thing. So many people have the attitude “Just gimme the results so I can gets the monies.”
I’m not like that. I’m the A or F student. Blessing or curse, I seem to have to understand what it is I’m doing.
Which means I end up “doing it the hard way.”
I think it saves me time in the future though.

My estimate is around 10-15% of people are “hard way” learners, and these are the people I want to speak to, to collaborate with, to be around. I hope you’re one as well.
Simon Mkhize

Are you a hard way learner?

Most people aren’t, I don’t think. And that’s cool, even envious in many respects.

For those few of us who are, some words of encouragement.

You bring unique value. Not everyone needs or wants that value. Find the people who want it, need it, appreciate it. Let the others abide.

Stay the course! If it’s worth learning, it’s worth learning the hard way. Just be picky about what’s worth learning.

Take no criticism personally. Even when it is personal. Especially when it’s own.

Have fun, enjoy life, and seek others on the hard road. We’ll travel together!

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