Have You Got the Blogging Blues?

Blogging blues! We all get them.

You know, you’ve been blogging for a while happy as a lark, topic after topic tripping off the keyboard like there was no tomorrow. Traffic is growing, and even some comments are being left by your appreciative readers when BAM! Just like that when you should be feeling like you’re sitting on top of the world, the blogging blues take hold.


  • - You have nothing more to say
  • - A commenter challenged your content and therefore (you think) your authority is being questioned.
  • - Traffic has stalled
  • - Alexa no longer loves you
  • - You are not making any money
  • - Doubt sets in – is this the right niche?
  • - The topics on other blogs are always more enticing
  • - You begin to flirt with the idea of a hmmmm… an online affair of a different kind
  • - Your blog no longer appears attractive to you
  • - Posting becomes a chore
  • - Google has banished you to the sandbox
If you have ever experienced any of the above – or, all of them at once – you’re in good company. There isn’t a top blogger around who at some point or another didn’t come up against the same challenges. It’s as if you turn a corner and the road ahead is nothing but one-speed bump after another.

You feel as if all your hard work is for nought, that the universe is set against you and you sink into a real funk – you get the blues, and you get them bad.

If there is anything I can say to you at this point it is that you do not give in – don’t succumb. Simply add the experience as one of the rites of passage in your blog income career. There are ways to deal with each of these speed bumps. Check in tomorrow and the day after and then again … all of the above will be tackled one by one until once again you feel like you are standing on top of the world – a champion blogger!

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